Angeles – Running like An Outlaw

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Reviewed: March 2022 
Released: 2022, Dark Star Records
Rating: 2/5
Reviewer: Neil Langton

Angeles founder and guitarist Dale George Lytle formed the band in 1977 with Dave Raudman in Tujunge CA. Their first Hollywood gig was at the Troubour where they sold out playing the midnight slot on a Sunday Night. They became one of the largest indie bands in LA during the 80’s. They have shared the stage with such bands as LA Guns, Motley Crue, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Metallica, Ratt, etc.

They released their debut album ‘Were no Angels’ in 1984 and went on to have worldwide success with their albums over the years. In 2014 Angeles received their first Platinum album ‘Seriously Fun’ having sold over a million copies worldwide. In January 2021 they made the top 200 billboard chart with the song ‘Heal The Wound’ of off the album ‘Hell On high Heels’. In 2022 Angeles release their 15th studio album, ‘Running Like An Outlaw’.

I have to start my review by saying this is so far from the sort of music I like to listen to, so please keep in mind that this is my opinion. If you like American light rock music you very well might form a different opinion, so I recommend you read further reviews or listen to it yourself to form your own opinion. Also I respect the hard work of the band that goes into releasing albums and playing live.

The album starts with ‘All Night’ which has a kind of good time rock and roll feel to it. ‘Nothing But Love’ continues in a similar vein, slightly slower and stripped back. Title track ‘Running like An Outlaw’ is next which sounds the same as the previous two tracks apart from, for some reason, containing a few verses that are just the band whistling!! ‘Creatures Of The Night’ picks up the pace a little with a bar room vibe to it then ‘Lords of Thunder’ slows right down again showing nothing new or interesting. Track six, ‘Witch Hunter’, has a little more speed to it and if I had to choose a best track I’d say this is it. ‘Magic Touch’ starts as a ballad before going more rock and roll, then final track ‘She’s On Fire’ ends things off the same as the album began.

I’m so sorry to everyone involved with this album but I really didn’t like it. When I received this album to review I was surprised I’d not heard of Angeles with them being around for so long and releasing 15 albums. I’m not anymore. I found it generic and nothing special, no better than any bar/pub band could release. It just sounds so tired, stuck in the eighties and samey. As for the whistling… I have no idea what that’s about. The production is really poor and doesn’t help matters. As I said at the start of this review, if you’re fond of American rock and roll that’s 80’s sounding and takes no effort to listen to, then give it a listen, otherwise I don’t recommend it at all.


Track listing:

1)  All Night
2) Nothing But Love
3) Running Like an Outlaw
4) Creatures of the Night
5) Lords of Thunder
6) Witch Hunter
7) Magic Touch
8) She’s on Fire

Band Line Up:

Dale Lytle – Lead guitar
Mason Oliver – Vocals
Steven Stiers – Bass guitar and backing vocals
Danny Basulto – Drums

Band websites:

Dark Star Records