Warred – The Siren

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warred the sirenReviewed: February, 2022
Released: 2022, Independent
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

From the always surprising Brazilian scene comes the new single from Warred, a group from São Paulo born in 2012. In its ten years of existence, the group has released two EP’s and three singles. Now we must add their most recent work: “The Siren” a single that was accompanied by a video and is also the official announcement of the band’s first self-titled album.

“The Siren” combines all the elements that Warred has always wanted to capture in his music: it combines a classic style with modern elements. It is enough to listen to the passage of the solo to realize that we are facing a group that uses the resources of the most classic heavy metal; however, throughout the entire piece, we witness a wide combination of influences that can range from groove to thrash.

We can say that Warred’s sound is a very good example of the future of the genre; one where the subgenres seem to blur and mix in a style that is impossible to pigeonhole but very easy to enjoy. According to the group, that is the direction that the 12 songs that make up their new album will follow; a direction full of elements that, as a whole, makes the songs unique.

Warred is an example that bands are looking for new ways to compose and that subgenres no longer delimit their compositional concerns, on the contrary, these are elements that combine perfectly. The best thing is that this band has known how to fuse them very well, at least that can be perceived in “The Siren”. Hopefully the album has that same quality.


warred bandLineup

Pedro Mion – vocals
Rodrigo Andrade – guitar
Arthur Ernandes – guitar
José Wellington – bass
Jorge Nascimento – drums


  1. Signals

  2. Corners Of The World

  3. Shooting Star

  4. The Siren

  5. Nexus

  6. Obsolete Creation

  7. Unchained

  8. Vultures

  9. Controlling My Head

  10. Cold Avenue

  11. Underneath The

  12. See The Light

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Bandcamp: warred.bandcamp.com/
Twitter: twitter.com/WarredBR