Theandric – Flight Among The Tombs

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Reviewed: February 1, 2022
Released: February 11, 2022
Rating: 4.5/5.0
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

Detroit’s THEANDRIC have been around since 2006 they released their first EP in 2011 and their debut full length in 2013. The project began as a one man project by Paolo Tiseo and he’s been rather quiet since 2014…until now. After an eight year hiatus, Theandric returns; only this time with a full line up. The new EP, Flight Among the Tombs, is my first exposure to this project and what I’m finding is an extremely entertaining mixture of modern IRON MAIDEN, early URIAH HEEP, and 70s prog rock.  With repeated listens I found myself getting lost in the epic nature of the songs and not even realizing this is only an EP.

The title track kicks things off and let me warn you, things are not always what they seem. This song starts like a prog metal with pipe organs jumping into some DREAM THEATER like riffing with more organs bringing it up with some nice guitar work before it jumps right into this early URIAH HEEP sounding riff along with Tiseo’s voice…who sounded eerily like David Byron early on in the song. This is the most HEEP sounding song on the album because on the next song Tiseo does something bold. When it comes to emulating IRON MAIDEN, it’s usually the pre Bruce leaving years. Tiseo actually seems to have been inspires by modern MAIDEN. “The Battle of Sherramuir” actually starts off with some bag pipes but the main riff is very reminiscent of modern MAIDEN and, in fact, this is actually better! There’s guitars and they are up front in the mix! Tiseo can pull off some Dickinson but with much less control, but that’s ok because it really gives him and these songs some identity.

Oh wait….you’re in for the next twist with “Condemned to Death” with their homage to CANDLEMASS. Classic doom is the main theme of this song but one thing I’ve learned early on in this album….things are not always what they seem. Imagine Bruce singing a guest spot on a CANDLEMASS album. Yeah, it’s like that. But then again, Tiseo is not JUST a Dickinson clone and his tone is more versatile. Whatever inspirations you hear, the end result is an interesting and entertaining album. There’s no hiding the lyrical direction and that this band is most likely Christian but it’s done with a more historic sounding perspective rather than try to be too cheesy or preachy. The power and epic nature of these songs on display here is only enhanced by the lyrics and vocals.

So with thinking I’m reviewing an EP I still have a lot to say, as if this was a full length. Actually, a lot of the new metal being released now that is considered a full length are still only thirty, thirty-five minutes tops. With “Flight Among the Tombs” you have twenty-six and a half….about a full length. However you want to categorize it one thing is certain, this is one of most unique offerings to come along in some time. If this is marketed as just and EP, I’m surely wondering if there is more in store for us from THEANDRIC. Until then, you needs this EP.

Line up:
Paolo Tiseo – All Instruments, Vocals
Bill Bogue – Guitars
Aaron Wienczak – Guitars
Matt Voss – Drums

Track Listing:
1. Flight Among the Tombs
2. The Battle of Sherramuir
3. Condemned to Death
4. Ozymandias