Power Paladin-With The Magic Of Windfyre Steel

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Reviewed: February, 2022
Released:  2022, Atomic Fire
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

We really are living in a golden age of Metal. I’m am so delighted there is a whole new young generation who ‘get’ Metal, bands that are not afraid to play fast, have melody have fun and still retain the core characteristics of Metal.

Power Paladin are the new sensations from Iceland and have just signed to Atomic Fire the spin-off/break-away label of Nuclear Blast. Guess what kind of Metal they play?  Hint: Their name is Power Paladin.

WITH THE MAGIC OF WINDFYRE STEEL is already a contender for album title of the year.  51 minutes and nine tracks of pure Power Metal bliss.  I haven’t had this much fun listening to an album in a while!

Let’s get into the cliché description part of the review.  Soaring vocals. Pounding double-kick drums. Blazing solos. Thunderous bass.  Raging speed. I’ve used these same types of descriptions for many bands in many reviews and they are truer than ever before. What else do you want from a glorious, epic and majestic Power Metal band?  Slow songs? Growled vocals? I think not!  Power Paladin do it all and do it perfectly. They have learned from the masters and the gods they worship are steel.

In the age of Metal, it is the twilight of the gods for bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest. Forget your trendy hipster bands like Gojira and Mastodon. They are not the future nor saviours of Metal.  Bands like Power Paladin are.  Along with brothers-in-arms like Majestica, Twilight Force, GloryHammer, Skeletoon, Trick Or Treat and Victorius, Power Paladin are now among the new vanguard of the elite.  Welcome to the battle brothers.

Line Up:

Kristleifur Þorsteinsson-Bass
Einar Karl Júlíusson-Drums
Bjarni Þór Jóhannsson-Guitar
Ingi Þórisson-Guitar
Bjarni Egill Ögmundsson-Keyboards
Atli Guðlaugsson-Vocals

Track Listing:

1. Kraven the Hunter

2. Righteous Fury

3. Evermore

4. Dark Crystal

5. Way of Kings

6. Ride the Distant Storm

7. Creatures of the Night

8. Into the Forbidden Forest

9. There Can Be Only One