Flames Of Fire-Flames Of Fire

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Reviewed: February, 2022
Released:  2022,  Melodic Passion Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

I’ve always admired the quality, tenacity, and especially the productivity of the massive Swedish white Metal scene.  There are so many good bands and I’ve covered many of them over the years.   Flames Of Fire is the latest, greatest entry in this field.

Christian Liljgren, a titan of the scene of his own right is back (Not that he went anywhere) with his new act Flames Of Fire.  They have just released their self-titled debut album on the relatively new Melodic Passion Records label.   The band name is a biblical reference to Psalms 104:4.

One of the advantages of the close-knit and co-operative scene is that all work together and band members come and go.  In this case Flames Of Fire really is a super-group of sorts with past and present members of Narnia, The Waymaker, Audiovision, Zaragorn, Solution .45, Miseration, House of Shakira, Astrakhan, Royal Hunt, Pain of Salvation and Viva.  That is one hell (heaven?) of a pedigree!  Liljgren is the founder and his familiar and powerful voice is very welcomed as lead singer.

The album is a compact 37 minutes.  If you strip away the intro and outro the album is only 34 minutes long, seven songs in total. It is too short but I suppose ‘leave them wanting more’ is a good philosophy.  The album cover is little dull as well but those are minor considerations.   The production is crystal clear and powerful.

Musically is one incredible slab of true Speed/Power Metal.  The album starts with a powerful tune called ‘Gloria’ and you have to hear the opening scream!  Liljgren’s unmistakable delivery is 100% fully intact on display for all to enjoy.  A mighty cry to the heavens indeed!   For the most part the album is full-speed with only the more epic sounding cut, ‘Solution’, which comes in at just under 10-minutes long, really explores any sonic deviation from the Speed/Power signature style. It has strings, orchestration and tempo changes and an impassioned vocal performance.   Elsewhere, swashes of keyboards add hints of atmosphere but for the most part it is the twin-guitar attacks that is relentless. The whole pace is pretty fierce!

I can’t help but get the feeling that many of these bands (Narnia, Reinxeed, Audiovision, Oriz, DivineFire, Golden Resurrection, Waymaker, Azoria, etc) keep swapping members and reinventing themselves but staying true to the core style of pure Metal.  I have no complaints and Flames Of Fire are as good as any of the above listed bands.  The assembly of world-class talent have produced an extremely strong and highly enjoyable collections of songs that pay tribute to the king of kings.


Christian Liljegren – Vocals
Mats-Åke Andersson – Guitar,
Jani Stefanovic – Guitar, keyboards, drums, vocals,
Stephen Carlson – Guitar
Per Schelander – Bass

Track Listing:

New Dawn

2. Gloria

3. Flames Of Fire

4. Madness

5. I Am

6.Time To Live

7. Solution

8. Soldiers Of The King

9. End Theme.