Fierce Atmospheres – The Speed of Dreams

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fierce atmospheres the speed of dreamsReviewed: Feb, 2021
Released: 2021, Qumran Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Fierce Atmospheres is a progressive band with an interesting journey in the US underground scene. The group was born in 2001 and since then it has had a very active life in which it has released several Ep’s and two albums; the first was PARIAHS, MISFITS AND SINNERS in 2018 and just last year: THE SPEED OF DREAMS (2021).

The first surprising characteristic of Fierce Atmospheres is the way in which they manage to develop a progressive style, but combining it with an aggressiveness and a groove that are very characteristic of the American scene. Their music has many nuances that are especially appreciated in the interludes, outros and intros; the verses tend to be more generic as they use riffs; they go from distortion to tranquility with incredible ease.

Like any good progressive band, each member offers a very high technical level in the songs. There is no instrument left buried in t28he mix; the songs open spaces so that each member can show their skill, resulting in a deep album, which can be heard several times in each one you can find a different detail.

Fierce Atmospheres is an ideal band for all those who love progressive but also expect a dose of forcefulness and power in the pieces. It is not necessary to analyze their music in depth, at the level of an expert, to be able to enjoy all the qualities they offer; riffs, guitars and devastating drums take care of that.


fierce atmospheresLineup:

Eric J. Gosselin – Guitar
Taran DePablos – voice
John Ashe – drums
Lance King – bass
Sean Coogan – guitar


From Ashes
Fear is a One Way
A Song to the Land of the Living
High and Hellbound
The Words that Enslave
The Stain
Easy to Fall
One More for the Dying

Youtube: Fierce Atmospheres