Earthwomb – Becoming Immanence

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Reviewed: February 2022
Released: 2022, independently released
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Neil Langton

Formed in Lima Peru in early 2019, Earthwomb are an atmospheric black metal three piece. They deliver an ethereal sound, a balance between aggressive riffs, piercing vocals and consistent drum beats.

‘Becoming Immanence’ starts with ‘Cosmic Revelation’, which (as the names suggests) is a sweeping, cosmic sounding intro to proceedings. ‘Fractal Phenomenon’s powerful atmospheric guitars with lots of tempo changes really power the song on. Combined with the growl of the vocals and smashing drums it makes an awesome track to really kick things off. ‘Walkscapes’ starts with the guitars fading in to a gentle opening before a scream rips in and the song starts in earnest. This is an awesome song, full of twists and turns that holds you in its grasp until the end.

‘Trespassing The Paragon Of consciousness’ is an instrumental that showcases the excellence of the band’s musicianship and power. ‘The Gathering’ continues this assault on the eardrums and is another awesome song forcefully delivered that flows into ‘ Ulterior Revelation’, another cosmic sounding swirl that ends abruptly as ‘Vital Flux’ begins. This final track on the E.P. is another stand out, probably my favourite of them all. It sounds epic as the band members combine to deliver a resounding, sweeping, powerful, aggressive track that fades out gently and leaves the listener wanting more.

Overall I was really impressed by this. The production is excellent, everything is clear and powerful while still retaining the extreme metal sound. The band deliver an excellent atmospheric black metal E.P. and the musicianship is without fault. I’d recommend this for fans of ‘Wolves In The Throne Room’, ‘Akhlys’, ‘Trna’ , ‘The Great Old Ones’ etc, and any fan of black metal / atmospheric black metal.



1.) Comic Revelation
2.) Fractal Phenomenon
3.) Walkscapes
4.) Trespassing the Paragons of Consciousness
5.) The Gathering
6.) Ulterior Revelation
7.) Vital Flux

Band line-up:

Giancarlo Melgar: Vocals
Eduardo Yalan: Guitars
Pedro Zamalloa: Bass, drums