Boguslaw Balcerak’s Crylord-Human Heredity

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Reviewed: February, 2022
Released:  2022, Pride & Joy Music
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: JP

The influence of Yngwie J. Malmsteen is so enormous that an entire generation of performers have continued to make music in his style.  You could fairly safely include Poland’s Boguslaw Balcerak in this group.

His debut album BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS made my Top 20 for 2011 but oddly enough I have never reviewed a Crylord album yet for   I suppose it is not that strange as he only has three albums.   It has been eight long years since GATES OF VALHALLA and I’m delighted to report that Crylord are back.

Crylord have moved on from the short-lived PowerProg label and have moved up a notch to Pride & Joy Music which should make it easier to find this album.   Boguslaw continues on his tradition of writing and performing all the songs with the aid of multiple guest vocalists.  This is where the ‘Yngwie connection’ gets even stronger.  On his newest effort, HUMAN HEREDITY, we see the return of ex-Malmsteen vocalist Goran Edman and now Tim ‘Ripper’ Owens is on board.  Boguslaw has worked with Mark Boals as well!

On that note HUMAN HEREDITY is a dream if you are looking for guest vocals.  Not only do we get the enjoy the power-pipes of the aforementioned Malmsteen belters, he has recruited Rick Altzi (At Vance, Masterplan etc) and Swedish session titan David Akesson.  Akesson has worked with Bloodbound, Legend Of Valley Doom, Seven Spires, Signum Regis, Aldaria and Moonlight Agony.  Not only those veterans but we are introduced to a couple of new untested names, Ryan Beck and Jota Fortihno.  No offense to Beck who does a fine job on lead vocals on the track ‘Falling For You, but Fortihno is an amazing discovery.   Fortihno puts in THE vocal performance of the album on the cut ‘Eyes Of Fire’.  He stands shoulder to shoulder with The Ripper, no easy feat.  His range, power and screams and incredible.  When I heard the song I was instantly mesmerized by his mighty screams.  Going by ear, I thought it was Owens for a bit until I looked it up.  Who is this FORTIHNO guy?  Someone NEEDS to sign him right away.

Sonically and musically Crylord have brough a third superb album of Malmsteen-esque stylings.  I’m sorry I’m mentioning him so often in this review but it is a common touchstone.  However, the songs and song-writing of Boguslaw stand on their own merit.  There are a sublime combination of speed, power and melody.  The mix of harmony, great choruses and superb guitar performances of balls-out shred make this a 100% winner to my ears. Boguslaw’s fast fiery playing style really works well in the catchy songs.

I’m so delighted that Crylord is still active. HUMAN HEREDITY is another fine addition to his already near flawless catalogue.


Boguslaw Balcerak-Guitar, Bass

Jeremiasz Baum-Bass

Göran Edman-Vocals (track 1,4,9)
Rick Altzi-Vocals (track 2)
David Åkesson-Vocals (track 3, 6 ,8, 11)
Ryan Beck-Vocals (track 5)
Jota Fortihno-Vocals (track 7)
Tim “Ripper” Owens-Vocals (track 10)

Track Listing:

1. It’s Just A Wind
2. Thunderbolt
3. Death Is Rising
4. Set My Heart On Fire
5. Falling For You
6. Scary Dream
7. Eyes Of Fire
8. Lord Of The Light
9. Wind Me Up
10. Wolf At The Gates
11. You Are My Only Relief