SVEN GALI Release Cover of TRIUMPH’s “Spellbound” and Announce New Album Coming In May

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Sven Gali, Canada’s harbingers of Melodic Hard Rock, debut a mesmerizing new single, “Spellbound,” a masterful take on the Triumph classic; Release details on brand new album slated for May release.
Sven Gali have been hard at work during the chaotic times that the Covid-19 Pandemic has rained upon us. The band has taken this time to write and record the follow-up to 2020’s epic, comeback, EP “3” and are kicking it off with their rendition of the iconic, Triumph classic, “Spellbound.”
Dan Fila, Sven Gali’s Drummer: “We were made aware that a Triumph tribute record was coming out, and all of us being Triumph fans, decided to submit “Spellbound.” It was Dave who chose the song – it was his favorite Triumph song.”
“The cool part about the video is that we shot it in Studio One at Metalworks where the original song was recorded. Having Gil at the console was super cool. The beautiful lady sitting next to Gil is his wife Sunny – the song was written about her.”
“Like many things Sven Gali, it was not planned out. We invited Gil and Sunny out to hear the song, and they loved it. Next thing we know they spent the afternoon with us and played a huge part in the video. It was a very special day for all of us – things just happened organically.”

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The new record titled “Bombs and Battlescars,” is slated to be released in late May and will include the single “Spellbound.” The digital track for “Spellbound” will be available on all digital platforms on February 4th.
Fila Offers album details: “We are working with Andy Curran on a few of the tracks and that has been a great experience. Andy knows how to keep morale high, the mood light and get crushing performances. We have also teamed up with Juno award winning engineer Vic Florentia to track – again; just a huge talent. All of the songs on the record will be mixed by Brian Robbins in NYC. Brian plays a large role in getting the Sven Gali sound. These tracks will be recorded at Metal Works in Studio One where Triumph recorded their classic albums.”
Sven Gali is also celebrating The 30th Anniversary of the band’s debut album on August 8th with Sony planning a special reissue of the classic album with promotion including on Record Store Day. Stay tuned for more details on the release.

Dave Wanless – Vocals
Andy Frank – Guitars
Shawn Minden – Bass
Sean Williamson – Guitars
Dan Fila – Drums