Best of 2021: Cristóbal Torres

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Best of 2021

01. Edu Falaschi – Vera Cruz

The album that Angra fans have been waiting for the last 15 years. This album is the great masterpiece in Edu Falaschi’s solo career and shows the influence he had on the composition of the last two jewels in Angra’s discography.

02. Insania – V (Praeparatus Supervivet)

Insania V (Praeparatus Supervivet)

The best comeback of 2021. Insania has delivered a perfect album. All fans of the genre have been ingratiated by this great show of power metal. Listening to this album is listening to power metal at its highest, a level that very few bands reached this year.

03. Fugatta – The Darkest Planet

fugatta the darkest planet

With this album, Fugatta has become one of the most important power metal references in Mexico. The level of production reached confirms that this country is capable of creating export material and astonishing fans of the genre around the world.

04. Energema – Promised Land

energema promised land

If Finland has Timo Tolkki, Latin America has Nicolas Waldo, a true legend of Colombian power metal who with his sixth studio album has kept an equally legendary band alive. PROMISED LAND is a gem.

05. Wings of Destiny – Memento Mori

wings of destiny memento mori

The most important band in Central America released an album that lived up to expectations. This group is transforming the genre and taking it to other fields in a reckless way, but maintaining a style that allows seeing its transformation as something innovative and not as the destruction of a style. That is very difficult to achieve.

06. Immortal Guardian – Psychosomatic
07. Beast in Black – Dark Connection
08. Helloween – Helloween
09. Powerwolf – Call of the Wild
10. Rhapsody of Fire – Glory for Salvation
11. Kiko Shred – Rebellion
12. Calvaria – De las cenizas al fuego
13. Adventus – Morir y renacer
14. Crystal Viper – The Cult
15. Arcane Tales – Tales from Sharanworld
16. Castellica – Moment of Glory
17. Secret Sphere – Lifeblood
18. Delorian – It Is Time
19. Synthwailer Highway to the Stars
20. Saber – Without Warning

Disappointments of 2021:

Helloween – Helloween

I expected great power metal songs on Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen’s return to Helloween. Although “Skyfall” far exceeded my expectations, the rest of the album did not have the same power or had the same impact on me. It is a fact that the presence of Sascha Gerstner transformed the band to the point that even the presence of Kiske and Hansen is not enough for Helloween to deliver an album worthy of its history.

Hopes for 2022

  • I hope that Stratovarius reappears and releases an album as wonderful as NEMESIS was or at least surpasses ETERNAL.
  • The new Hammerfall album is my big priority in this first half of the year.
  • I hope someone gathers the Dragon Balls and asks Sheng Long to revive Gamma Ray, because today it is a dead band.