Orange Goblin-Rough & Ready, Live & Loud

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Reviewed: January, 2022
Released:  2021, Dissonance
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Sometime the little guy gets to win.   Back in 2020 I was mildly annoyed when Orange Goblin released a digital only, live album.  ‘It’s just another little step towards the total elimination of physical product’, I glumly told myself.

Then lo and behold, salvation was at hand!  According to the liner notes in the physical CD, the band said they had enough demand to make hard copies.  In late 2021 Dissonance heeded the call and pressed the CD.

The band wanted to do something to celebrate their 25th anniversary and felt this was the best way to do it. It is a standard digipak with a 12-page booklet which includes dozens of photos and a note from the band. The one key factor it does not include the full song credits.   This is an oversight because this live album is a collection of songs from across the ages that were recorded in many places.   We may never know but we do know that the songs were recorded Athens and London and a festival in France between 2016 and 2019.

Like the album title promises the songs are Rough & Ready, Live And Loud.  Actually the audio quality is quite good as many of these tracks were pulled directly from the soundboard as is the style these days!
It is a compact 13 track, 58 minute collection of cuts representing a nice chunk of their impressive catalogue.  You can press 76 minutes into a CD so they easily could have included another three songs. The band rumbles, roars and rages across the stages and everyone is happy.

This is the bands second live album and there is very little track duplication (four songs) from the previous live effort. These ‘conglomeration’ type of live albums mean that one day the band could raid the vaults and release full live albums of these shows.

I’m glad everyone came to their senses and released this great collection of live tunes!

Line Up:

Martyn Millard-Bass
Chris Turner-Drums
Joe Hoare-Guitar
Ben Ward-Vocals

Track List:

1. Sons of Salem
2. The Devil’s Whip
3. Saruman’s Wish
4. Made of Rats
5. The Wolf Bites Back
6. Mythical Knives
7. The Fog
8. Some You Win, Some You Lose
9. The Filthy & The Few
10. Shine
11. Renegade
12. Time Travelling Blues

13. Blue Snow