Ghost Bath – Self Loather

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Reviewed: Jan 2022
Released: 2021 Northern Silence Productions
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis


The depressive post-black metal forerunners, Ghost Bath have returned with their fourth studio piece, “Self Loather.” Something of an ironic title given how easy-going and helpful I found this record when listening to it.

I should note that I listened to this at work and its shrieks and harsh guitars kept me going during the busiest hours, so I’ll give GB the credit for helping me feel good about my job through their yells about regret, depression and self-harm.

GB have been a band I have never expected much from, as I’m not the biggest fan of depressive black metal, but I think this is an example of a band finding their signature sound and are now working it to its best extent.

“Shrines of Bone” and “Sanguine Mask” stood out for me with their memorable mixes of screams and blast beats. The only other depressive black metal band I’ve ever liked is Australia’s Deadspace and now I think Ghost Bath will be another band who’ll come to mind whenever someone mentions the depressive sub-genre.

“Self Loather” isn’t a masterpiece or something mind-blowing, but it has its strengths which keen followers of the band will certainly love. Add it to your collection if you love shrieks and wails about the hardest of times set to the greatest musical sub-genre created for such themes.

1. Convince Me to Bleed
2. Hide from the Sun
3. Shrines of Bone
4. Sanguine Mask
5. A Crystal Lattice
6. Sinew and Vein
7. I Hope Death Finds Me Well
8. For It Is a Veil
9. Unbearable
10. Flickering Wicks of Black

Band line-up:
Dennis Mikula – Vocals (lead), Guitars, Piano, Synths
Josh Jaye – Bass
Jason Hirt – Drums
Tim Church – Guitars
John Olivier – Guitars

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