Ensiferum & Metal de Facto : Tavastia Helsinki Finland

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Metal de Facto & Ensiferum

The 18th of December 2021
Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

Gigs are quite rare during the ongoing raging pandemic era. It is no surprise to see sold-out venues as people are definitely missing live gigs. Originally, the Ensiferum gig was already scheduled to carry out a year ago, but it was postponed as that happened to several other gigs and tours. However Ensiferum embarked on the small Finnish tour with Metal De Facto as a supporter. The last stint of the mini-tour at the Tavastia club was already sold out a year ago.

The touring package was definitely tempting to any power / fold metal fanatics. Metal De Facto is such an interesting combo consisting of members having gained the names in other bands such Norther Dreamtale etc.  The Ensiferum bassist Sami Hinkka is also involved in the band’s line-up. Therefore the band has gained the more name and visibility than a new just founded combo.

Metal De Facto had undergone an unexpected change in the lineup on the tour. The frontman Mikael Salo had dismissed the group in the middle of the tour and was been replaced by a couple of helping session vocalists. Due to the last-minute changes in the line-up the band was forced to shortne the playing time to 25 minutes . Despite the unexpected changes in the line-up the band pulled through well. Even though the changes had happened in the very last minute, both the session guys handled their roles well regarding the situation. The important thing of their playing and performance was the good sense of humor amongst the band members. The guitarist enjoyed communicating with the audience. Metal De Facto’s songs have plenty of catchy and amazing melodies and riffs. If the debut album had been released in the heyday of power metal about 20 years ago, but it would be considered as a classic one.  The five-piece sounded the majestic powerful metal. When Metal De Facto hit the stage next time, hopefully they would have sorted out all the hassles in the line-up.



The stage changeover was carried out quickly meanwhile more and more people arrived in. The whole Tavastia Club was totally packed. The set was kicked off with the welcoming intro and was immediately followed by one of the amazing songs off the last Ensiferum album THALASSIC called “Andromeda”.  The set was a great balance of the new material as well the older material from their long repertoire. In fact the latest Ensiferum album THALASSIC came out a year ago, because of the raging pandemic and all kinds of restrictions thru the planet, the five-piece pagan metallers haven’t been able to perform that much live. Ensiferum sounded and looked and was splendid. The bass player Sami Hinkka deserves all the kudos for being such a wild caveman running all around the stage and banging his head and massive hair. All the vocal duties were shared between four guys. The keyboard player Pekka Montin took care of the more power metal sounding approach. That has brought more interesting and varied elements to Ensiferum’s sounds. However the folk metal with bombastic hymns sounded mesmerizing. That could be seen in the reaction of the audience. Occasionally the floor was burning when crazy circle pit or pits were circulating. The whole band was in sharp and  Hopefully the world will open up and more and more gigs can be arranged as the people are looking forward to them.   Hey guys how about adding the old “Maanviljelijän multihuipennus” to your set in the next time?

Rum, Women, Victory
For Sirens
From Afar
One More Magic Potion
Run from the Crushing Tide
In My Sword I Trust
The Defense of the Sampo
Tale of Revenge
Treacherous Gods
Cold Northland (Väinämöinen pt. III)
One with the Sea
Two of Spades
Lai Lai Hei (encore)
Into Battle (encore)