Interview with Pietro Paolo of Wonders

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Interview with Pietro Paolo, guitarist

Interview by Neil Langton

In 2020, two Even Flow musicians Giorgio Lunesu and his brother Pietro Paolo started a new cooperation with producer and keyboardist Bob Katsionis (ex-Firewind). Said cooperation was the beginning of WONDERS, a band with an approach significantly different from that of the Even Flow style. After the trio had defined their musical goals, it was clear more musicians had to come on board. They recruited singer Marco Pastorino from Temperance, with whom Paolo had already composed a large part of the songs of the upcoming album and  bassist Luca Negro (also from Temperance). The album “The Fragments Of Wonder” is quite powerful and guitar-heavy with catchy melodies and choruses. The guitar work is one of the outstanding trademarks of WONDERS.

Where did you get the inspiration for the band name from?

There is no inspiration for the band name, our producer Bob Katsionis thought of the name when he listened to the album and thought it was ‘Wonderful’ plus it reflects the maturity and artistic career of all the band members.

The band only formed in 2020, have you guys found time to be together especially with the pandemic causing so many issues?

Absolutely Yes! we found a way to meet everyone,  and I can tell you that it was not easy,  but we managed to carry on the band in an exceptional way and to be able to make the album,  as they say in Italy: WILL IS POWER!

You’ve all been in other bands is Wonders now your main focus?

I can absolutely tell you that all the bands that we have including the Wonders have precise deadlines,  we have organized ourselves very well from this point of view,  all our commitments are stuck like a puzzle,  the only change that can be there is in the case only because of the pandemic that we hope will end.

Where do you draw your influences from when it comes to producing more music / lyrics?

The influences concerning the music, but also the lyrics are many,  as regards the music currently, I am taking inspiration from classical music that i find simply magnificent.  In those years the composers of that period have composed monumental works of true masterpieces. As regards the lyrics in recent years i have read a lot the lyrics of many concept albums and also the lyrics of bands that I love in a deep way. Even when i look at the sea of my island i draw inspiration for the lyrics that have a theme always concerning everyday life.

What is your writing/recording procedure like? Do you have a preferred way of doing things or favourite studio/location?

At home I have a small studio where I make many demos with the acoustic guitar,  because i start from the assumption that if they work with the acoustic guitar the musical ideas will be majestic with the electric guitar . From there i do not listen to the demos for a few weeks and then listen to them again if they can work or not,  it happens to me sometimes that I have the acoustic guitar in my hand and watching television i can come up with ideas. Another method of composition is when i am in the car because i have to go to work,  and with my mobile phone i record small vocal melodies that come to mind quickly,  let’s say that these are the main methods.  Sometimes even taking a walk along the seafront i can come up with ideas to record.

You traveled to Greece from Sardinia to mix the album, why did you choose to do this and did it present any logistical issues?

We start from the assumption that we were all vaccinated and with the green pass when we went to Greece. The only logistical problem was to take the double flight and the costs when you leave from Sardinia to get to Athens, but we did it to be able to make a wonderful album in addition to recording video clips. I think we made the best choice because the result we have is absolutely exceptional.

Is there a concept behind the album?

Yes, the concept behind the album was born from an idea where the whole world lives in an incredible historical moment, on the cover artwork we can see people looking at a world which is evolving towards modernity. At the same time they hope that this same world can keep the wonderful things that it has offered us in the past ; nature, music, art, friendship, sincere affections and love.

How would you describe Wonders music to someone who’s never heard it?

If I had to describe music to some person who has never listened to it i would tell him that it is melodic music written with the heart that remains in the head of the first listening in a pleasant way. Listening to the ten songs of the album he will find great music that will be remembered in future years.

What is your favourite track / one your most proud of?

Can I tell you that I don’t have a favourite track? For the simple reason that I deeply love all the tracks of this album,  I fell in love with it.

What are your expectations for the album?

Our expectations are very high because we believe we have written a beautiful album,  and we are convinced that this album in future years will give us great satisfaction.

What have been the reactions of people who have heard Wonders first album and are they as you hoped for?

I can tell you that the reactions to the album were fantastic and certainly that I imagined these reactions. Every day many people write to us from all over the world, and all this gives further strength to write great music also in the future.

Did you find it hard to select the tracks to be on your first album? Are the some that didn’t make the cut this time but we will hear on future releases?

We did not select tracks or put aside tracks and then reuse them in another Wonders album, we focused only on the tracks of the album and this from our point of view was very advantageous because we did not waste time and energy in many songs that would then be out of the album.

The artwork for ‘The Fragments Of Wonder’ was created by Gustav Sazes , is he an artist you know well? And how pleased are you with the results?

Certainly! With Gustavo we have known each other for several years because we have also collaborated for the covers of Even Flow. For me currently he is the number one on the international market, and I can tell you that I am one hundred percent satisfied with his art.


Have you managed to play live yet or tour considering the pandemic has covered most of your time as a band?

Unfortunately No! and I’m sorry! The last live I played was in the UK tour with Even Flow in January 2020. Since then I have not played anymore due to this pandemic that I hope will end soon, because the desire to play is high!

Any plans for a tour this year or 2022?

Unfortunately even here you touch a sore button because we have not organized anything for this year and not even for next year. As you can see many bands are postponing their tours and all this deeply sorry. I think that Wonders will start playing in 2023.

Have you a dream tour destination you would like to play?

If I have to be honest I have a dream that is not a tour,  but a date, playing at the Wacken Open Air, that is the big dream to realize.

Do you think image is important when being in a band?

I think the first thing when you are in a band is to be friends, know how to play well, write great music and finally have a good image. I realize that in today’s times it is better to have a good image and especially if this image is transgressive attracts more people. I am unfortunately of the old school,  you have to know how to play!

Is there a vibrant music seen where you are based?

In Sardinia there are many bands and excellent musicians, there is a nice musical basin and I think of genres such as Thrash / Death metal or Classic Heavy Metal. I hope that wonders give a good example and that they can encourage young Sardinian bands to make the leap in quality, i hope with all my heart.

What are the pro’s/cons of being in a band?

The pros of being in a band is to share friendship and music, having the opportunity to play in many countries of the world and learn about new cultures. The cons is the logistics of having to organize tours, single dates, events, book flights and hotels for travel, this is less beautiful part of being in a band!

Was the video for your second single ‘Pretender’ recorded at the studio in Greece?

Yes we recorded it in the studio of our producer Bob Katsionis in Athens, we had a lot of fun! We shared some good times all together!

Also I noticed a couple of guest stars in the video ‘Robocop’ and particularly ‘Lion-O’ from Thundercats are they likely to be joining the band soon and did they have influence on any of the songs!?

Ahaha good question! Bob is very fond of Robocop and Thunder Cat we will have to ask him if actually in some keyboard solo they may have had an influence. Although I am sure he will answer that he had an influence from Jen Johanson the keyboardist of Stratovarius!

Do you or the other members of the band have any hobbies / interests outside of music?

Yes of course! My brother and I are interested in medicine because we are two doctors, and in our free time as a hobby we deal with real estate and trading. Bob I think his favourite hobby is to play at the Play Station, as for Marco and Luca I do not know hahaha.

Thank you for your time, is there anything else you’d like to say to our readers?

I wanted to thank you Neil for this wonderful interview and I wanted to invite the readers of to buy our new album. I’m sure it will appeal to those who have not had the opportunity to listen to it! Greetings to you Neil and all the readers of To the next one!!

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