Former BLACK SABBATH Vocalist Tony Martin Releases Lyric Video for the “As the World Burns; The First Single/Video From His Upcoming Solo Album, Thorns

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The former lead singer of BLACK SABBATH, Tony Martin, will release his solo album, entitled Thorns, On January 14, 2022 for Battlegod Productions.

The guitarist and composer will also be present on the disc Scott McClellan and various other musicians including his son Joe, the drummer Danny “Danté” Needham (VENOM) and bassists Magnus Rosén (ex-HAMMERFALL) e Greg Smith (ex-ALICE COOPER, ex-RAINBOW).

“This new album is probably the one with the coolest ‘Tony Martin’ sound of those I have done! It contains several surprises that will amaze you, I’m sure. It is largely, but not entirely, based on the riffs of Scott McClellan, new to the world stage, but who proved to be a worthy companion for this release. I was able to write some great songs based on his riffs, which compositionally is very similar to what I have done with Tony Iommi. Different sound and style, but great talent for riffs.”

Here is the first single/lyric video, “As the World Burns”

Track listing for the new album is….

1. As the World Burns
2. Black Widow Angel
3. Book of Shadows
4. Crying Wolf
5. Damned by You
6. No Shame at All
7. Nowhere to Fly
8. Passion Killer
9. Run Like the Devil
10. This is Your Damnation
11. Thorns

You can purchase the album here