Visions From Beyond – Drawing Down The Darkness

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Reviewed: December 2021
Released: 2021, Dry Cough Records
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Neil Langton

Following hot on the heels of the well received release of debut cassette ‘Eternally Bound, Whipped By Time’, Visions From Beyond have delved into the ancient cosmic abyss once again to bring you the harrowing new EP, ‘Drawing Down The Darkness’. Four more tracks of murky & desolate death/doom, riddled with weighty riffs and ethereal guitar lines, just in time for the bleakest time of year, and available on cassette now.

Visions From Beyond are a solo death/doom project from Oli Mason (ex-Figure Of Hate, ex-Non Shall Defy) and ‘Drawing Down The Darkness’ is their second release, recorded at ‘The Cave’, Bristol. The EP starts with a horror film type spooky wailing from the abyss drawing you into the first song, ‘Re-animator’. The heavy doom riffage soon kicks in as do the low growl, slow-paced vocals taking you on a nightmare journey throughout the song. Horror samples add to the bleakness on what is a worthy opening track.

Title track ‘Drawing Down The Darkness’ is up next and again starts with an otherworldly intro which ends with what sounds like the slice of a blade before the guitars kick in. Weighty riffs taking you back to the darkness, the vocals slowly but surely crushing your soul before a frantic guitar break kicks in mid song, almost thrash like, accompanied by the demonic growls of some poor creature.

‘Accompanying The Adversary’, my favourite track on the EP, has crunching death/doom riffs overlaid with a simpler guitar sound, the vocals again slow, bleak and menacing. It takes you to places you may not want to visit and once you’re there you can’t escape the nightmare. It’s hard to believe that this is the work of just one man.

Final track ‘Lord Of Flies’ was released as a single in April 2021 and starts (obviously) with hundreds of flies buzzing around. It’s a fitting ending to our murky journey, death/doom riffs hammering into your skull with the still, desolate vocals continuing their assault. The ending fades away with slightly more gentle guitar break that contains an almost Mediterranean feel.

Overall I really liked this EP and think fans of death/doom will find this a worthy addition to their collection. The production isn’t the best, it’s very raw but it doesn’t really detract from the music, if anything it adds to the atmospheric  hellishness of it all.


Artwork on ‘Lord Of Flies’ by dieofsuffering666


1. Re-Animator
2. Drawing Down The Darkness
3. Confronting The Adversary
4. Lord Of Flies

Line up:

Oli Mason – All instruments , vocals
Satanic funeral keyboards on ‘Drawing down the Darkness’ by Funeral


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