Slash Puppet – Studs & Gems

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Slash PuppetSlash Puppet – Studs & Gems
2021, MIF Entertainment
Rating: 5/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

FINALLY, the lost jewel of Canadian Metal gets its long overdue release. This has been a long time coming and its finally out. At least we can say something good came out of 2021. For those unfamiliar with Slash Puppet, they were a Toronto area Metal band along the Slik Toxik and Slave-era Skid Row vein. They were played on Much Music’s Power Hour and their demo tape is highly sought after.

Just recently I saw that this compilation CD was coming soon so I instantly reached out to secure a copy. Soon as it arrived and I popped it into my player it was as though I was transported back to my late teens again. I had cranked up the volume knob on the stereo almost instantly which is the best way to listen to this release. It sounds fantastic and not compressed to shit like many modern releases. This is an enjoyable disc from start to finish with every song being second to none. No filler on here.

The record company sure dropped the ball on this one back in the day. I guess times were changing in the early 90’s and Metal was not in “Fashion” to their eyes? Main thing is we have the music now. Buy it! Crank it! Enjoy it!