Sepultura – Sepulnation: 1998 – 2009 (Vinyl Box)

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SepulturaSepultura – Sepulnation: 1998 – 2009
2021, BMG Music
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

This new six album (8 LP) box set from Brazilian thrashers Sepultura focuses on the post-Max era of the band. This beautiful set picks up after ROOTS when Max left and formed Soulfly and was replaced by Derrick Green who remains to this day. Max’s Brother Igorr is drumming on all of these albums except A-LEX. This set also includes the REVOLUSONGS EP which is added onto the ROORBACK album.

My introduction to Sepultura was back in the late 80’s with the song “Inner Self” and seeing the video on the Much Music Power Hour. At the time it was one of the heaviest things things I got into. Their BENEATH THE REMAINS was one of my favourite albums at the time and still gets regular spins to this day. A couple years later I bought ARISE but after that incredible album I lost track of the band for the most part. I remember hearing the song “Roots, Bloody Roots” when it came out but my interest had waned until a few years ago when I checked out one of their newer albums. I liked what I heard but it just wasn’t the same band anymore. With each new release I check out a track or two but never really explored the Derrick Green era albums until now when the opportunity to hear this box presented itself.

First off the presentation of this box is fantastic. All the albums are housed in medium weight cardboard jackets with glossy printed artwork. Most of the records are in glossy paper inner sleeves instead of poly-lined ones which help keep the records free from static and scratches. The outside box itself is heavyweight cardboard with nice graphics. All the albums were flat, free from scuffs and non-fill and centred. After a quick clean to remove any dust from the factory I was ready to drop the needle and explore this era of Brazil’s finest.

Upon putting the needle down into the first groove I was hooked. The music was new, different, fresh sounding yet it had a bit of familiarity to it. Despite the new vocalist and slight change in in sound it wasn’t to the extent to alienate the fanbase. The band was progressing with their sound, trying something new while sticking to their roots. The albums all sound great and are a true testament to the bands talent and musicianship. They dug in their heels and stood ground and pulled through when many of their peers didn’t. By A-LEX Igorr had left the band leaving Paulo Jr. and Andreas of the original band to continue on to this day.

This set is the ideal documentation of the beginning of the second era for the band. It is a definite must own for all Sepultura and Thrash fans out there. It has made me dive deeper into their catalog and reignited my interest in the band. I hope we see a 2010-21 set in the not to distant future.