Screaming Shadows – Legacy of Stone

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Reviewed: December, 2021
Released: 2021, From The Vaults
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Erich

There are so many metal bands today that it is inevitable that I miss some good ones. Sardinian power metal band Screaming Shadows is one such band. LEGACY OF STONE is the band’s fifth LP, having formed in 1999. Led by guitarist Francesco Marras, Screaming Shadows’ brand of power metal is solidly European, with a distinct flavor of NWOBHM and limited keyboards. LEGACY OF STONE is the first new album from the band in ten years, and immediately seeks to make up for the gap in releases.

Screaming Shadows cover a diverse spectrum of power metal, like the Racer X inspired opening riff to “Shake Your Blood.” We also get a nod to Yngwie on “Live for Your Dreams”, salutes to Pyramaze and Eden’s Curse on “Lost Child” and a shout out to Avantasia on “Crimes with No Name.” Guitarist Marras is the unquestioned focal point, whose considerable talent has led to him becoming a member of legendary NWOBHM band, Tygers of Pan Tang. His sweep picking in the middle of “Live for Your Dreams” is top notch, while the occidental melody in “The Devil’s Mask” is flawless. Marras employs subtle melodies and tasteful passages as well. It is not all shred, which helps makes LEGACY OF STONE a pleasurable, guitar-centric album. The rest of the band are more than hired hands though. Singer Alessandro Marras has an appealing tone with the right combination of range and personality to help give these songs the band’s own personal style. The rhythm section has the chops and speed to keep up with Marras but capably settles for slower tempos as needed.

The strength of this album is that there is something for every power metal fan. The band’s diversity of styles does impact their focus or the strength of their songwriting. These are good songs delivered with the conviction and authenticity needed to appeal to fans in a subgenre that is beyond saturated. Honestly, there is the rub that will determine how many people embrace LEGACY OF STONE. The mix is decent but not perfect, with a bit more compression than I like. Still, everything is clear and balanced with a near perfect running time of 42 minutes that avoids the oft-made mistake of bands overstaying their welcome. If you are a fan of Avantasia, Eden’s Curse, Pyramaze or let’s go old school Italian power metal, Crying Steel, then you will dig Screaming Shadows.


Track Listing:

1. Free Me
2. Heaven Or Hell
3. Crimes With No Name
4. Love And Hate
5. The Devil’s Mask
6. Lost Child
7. Live For Your Dreams
8. Stand In Line
9. Shake Your Blood
10. Where I have Been Up To Now


Francesco Marras: guitars
Alessandro Marras: vocals
Michele Sanna: drums
Jürgen Steinmetz: bass