Savage Deity – Decade of Savagery

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Reviewed: December 1, 2021
Released: November 28, 2021, Inhuman Assault Productions
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: The Elitist Metalhead

In their eleven year existence, Bangkok, Thailand’s Savage Deity has released a handful of splits, a demo and an EP. However, they are just releasing their third full length, aptly titled, DECADE OF SAVAGERY. This is my first taste of the band with this album and my first impression is how has this band fell under my radar? This band seems to be Thailand’s best kept secret because they play pure death metal; some would want to call it old school death metal but I think that is just too cliché. Instead, I say that they are a band that plays death metal how it is meant to be played; with insane riffs, heavy grooves and godly solos.

As we get into the opening riffs of the album opener, “Crucifather,” we are surely reminded of early Morbid Angel in their delivery. However they are similarities and that is all. The song is a ripping example of what is to come with this beast as it pounds you with it’s monstrous riffs, savage speed and an insane solos. The follow up, “Filthy Rotation,” shows they are not all just brutality with some really catchy moments at the halfway mark right before the solo as well as some killer time changes. The riffs drive this song and the solos compliment the song properly. It’s apparent, even this early on in the album, that this band is focused on not only writing good songs but making sure they are executed perfectly. “Drenched in Blood” shows all the layers of this band in the way the song flows from intense speed to slower, much heavier parts that almost remind me of some old Slayer riffs. Quite possibly the best song on the album.

The second half of the album keeps the pace going, although not as strong as the first half. “Where God Belong” does not let up from the opening riff on. This song is an absolute scorcher. Then you have a song like “Skin the Saint” that has a cool groove going throughout the song but some of the solos and the riffs keep you wanting and does not really pick up the pace until the end of the song. “Perish Mangda” redeems itself a bit with a killer solo from former Cynic axeman Jason Gobel. His solo is really good and makes the song that much better. “Beneath The Sanctum” isn’t bad but it kind of plods along for most of the song. It becomes a bit more interesting towards the end. The solos do save this song and make it so it’s not a skipper. It just did not seem the right song to close the album.

When all is said and done the positives surely outweigh the few issues the album has. What I do know is that this album left such an impression on me that it is in regular (filthy) rotation and is slowly becoming one of my favorite current death metal albums. Savage Deity may not be reinventing the wheel here but they are keeping the genre honest by playing death metal, pure and simple. No other gimicky sub genre names need to be applied. This album should be in your collection and with only 300 units released, I’d hurry!


Line Up:
Ray – Guitars
Twish, Vocals, Bass
Thinnarat – Drums
Saran – Guitars

Track Listing:
1. Crucifather
2. Filthy Rotation
3. Obscure Fortune
4. Drenched in Blood
5. Christ Tension
6. Where God Belong
7. Kill This Cult
8. Skin the Saint
9. Perish Mangda
10. Beneath the Sanctum

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