Lordi-Lordiversity (Skelectric Dinosaur)

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Reviewed: December, 2021
Released: 2021, AFM
Rating:  4 /5
Reviewer:  JP


This is one of the most ambitious review series I’ve ever done.  Back in early 2020, Lordi released a very interesting album called KILLECTION.  The concept behind this was that the band decided to do a mock compilation / Greatest Hits album.  It is even sub-titled ‘ A Fictional Compilation album’.  Each song was written and recorded in a style of Rock/Hard rock/Heavy Metal from across the ages from the 1970’s to now.   The idea was that Lordi has been around for 40 or 50  years and has evolved over time across the ages of Metal.  It was a neat idea and they pulled it off well.

Fast-forward to 2021 when the band was partially dormant because of global circumstances.  In the press release for the album Mr. Lordi is quoted as saying, “Killection” is a fictional album based on a previously non-existent, fictional back catalogue of music, I had an idea: The only thing that could top “Killection” would be to record and publish the back catalogue.”   So during the pandemic he set to work and recorded no less than seven full-length studio albums.

I have reviewed of all them.   They are…

-SKELECTRIC DINOSAUR (Rock  themed album recorded in 1975)

-SUPERFLYTRAP (Disco themed album recorded in 1979)

-THE MASTERBEAST FROM THE MOON (Prog  themed album recorded in 1981)

-ABUSEMENT PARK  (Metal themed album recorded in 1984)

-HUMANIMALS ( Hard Rock / AOR themed album recorded in the late 1989)

-ABRACADAVER (Thrash Metal themed album recorded in 1991)

-SPOOKY SEXTRAVAGANZA SPECTACULAR (Industrial Metal themed album recorded in 1995)

Since this is a timeline series culminating in the compilation KILLECTION, it would be best to read these reviews in order.  Please feel free to enjoy all these albums in this monstrous review.

I went into this pretty big review project in good faith, armed with little to no information other than what the publicist/label/band had released.   I also decided to listen to the albums in chronological order.   In the press release all the ‘imaginary’ albums were recorded in a certain year and in a certain style.  All of them except this one, SKELECTRIC DINOSAUR which was recorded in 1975 but had no description.  However it was easy to describe this album in one word/band.  Kiss.  Yes, it is no secret that Mr. Lordi yearns to be be Gene Simmons, or more likely ’The Demon’.  Mr. Lordi’s admiration for Gene is obvious, even more so if you watch the Lordi documentary, from a few years back.   As a side note I reviewed that doc here on this site if you are curious.  It is a natural choice and opportune time for Lordi to record the Kiss album he always wanted too,

When I heard this I was blown away.  It was like hearing a rare unreleased Kiss album from 1976, more specially before Ezrin rebuilt them for DESTROYER.   SKELECTRIC DINOSAUR captures vintage 70’s Kiss perfectly.  Mr. Lordi does an amazing Gene vocal imitation but in hindsight he has always had that mildly guttural (by 70’s standards) voice  and that similarity is really brought to the fire.  It’s almost uncanny and naturally Mr. Lordi plays it up.

My favourite cut is ‘King of Headstakers Mountain’ (a wonderful visual image) that happens to be the single that was on KILLECTION.  Every song is punchy and fun and drummer dues a great job doing the laidback style of Peter Criss, cowbell and all.  The 10 track album runs about 31 minutes, it tight and compact except for the obligatory comedy/spoken word introduction of the long running SCG series.

The band capture the time, tempo and style of that great band perfectly.  I would not be out of line to say that Kiss is in the DNA of Lordi and without Kiss there may not be a Lordi today.

All the other albums in LORDIVERSITY set emulate a sound or a short span of time but this one entirely Kiss worship start to finish. Since 70’s Kiss was my gateway band into heavy music, this album is a brilliant homage.

Line up: 

Mr. Lordi-Vocals





Track Listing:

1. SCG Minus 7: The Arrival
2. Day Off Of The Devi
3. Starsign Spitfire
4. Maximum-O-Lovin’
5. The King On The Head Staker’s Mountain
6. Carnivore
7. Phantom Lady
8. The Tragedy Of Annie Mae
9. Blow My Fuse
10. …And Beyond The Isle Was Mary