Lordi-Lordiversity (Humanimals)

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Reviewed: December, 2021
Released: 2021, AFM
Rating:  4 /5
Reviewer:  JP


This is one of the most ambitious review series I’ve ever done.  Back in early 2020, Lordi released a very interesting album called KILLECTION.  The concept behind this was that the band decided to do a mock compilation / Greatest Hits album.  It is even sub-titled ‘ A Fictional Compilation Album’.  Each song was written and recorded in a style of Rock/Hard rock/Heavy Metal from across the ages from the 1970’s to now.   The idea was that Lordi has been around for 40 or 50  years and has evolved over time across the ages of Metal.  It was a neat idea and they pulled it off well.

Fast-forward to 2021 when the band was partially dormant because of global circumstances.  In the press release for the album Mr. Lordi is quoted as saying, “Killection” is a fictional album based on a previously non-existent, fictional back catalogue of music, I had an idea: The only thing that could top “Killection” would be to record and publish the back catalogue.”   So during the pandemic he set to work and recorded no less than seven full-length studio albums.

I have reviewed of all them.   They are…

-SKELECTRIC DINOSAUR (Rock  themed album recorded in 1975)

-SUPERFLYTRAP (Disco themed album recorded in 1979)

-THE MASTERBEAST FROM THE MOON (Prog  themed album recorded in 1981)

-ABUSEMENT PARK  (Metal themed album recorded in 1984)

-HUMANIMALS ( Hard Rock / AOR themed album recorded in 1989)

-ABRACADAVER (Thrash Metal themed album recorded in 1991)

-SPOOKY SEXTRAVAGANZA SPECTACULAR (Industrial Metal themed album recorded in 1995)

Since this is a timeline series culminating in the compilation KILLECTION, it would be best to read these reviews in order.  Please feel free to enjoy all these albums in this monstrous review.

This is the spiritual twin-sister to ABUSEMENT PARK.  It’s really not all different. The album starts off with a televangelist (the quintessential southern Baptist preacher, preaching to a TV audience about the evils of rock and roll!     If ABUSEMENT PARK was comparable to ANIMALIZE then this is CRAZY NIGHTS.

In the promo material famed producer Desmond Child was name-dropped and man have Lordi nailed that production style!  This sounds like any and every project that Desmond had his hands on in the late 80’s to early 90’s.  From Aerosmith and Alice Cooper to Bon Jovi, Ratt and naturally Kiss it is all here.  Super smooth synths, big back-up gang vocals, saccharine sweet melodies and even a saxophone solo!   The blend of crunchy guitar and 80’s synth sounds are impeccable.

Lordi’s patented humour comes to the fore with tracks like ‘Girls In A Suitcase’  and ‘The Bullet Bites Back’.   Lordi chickens out from using the ‘F’ word with ‘Rucking Up The Party’ although it might have been deliberate as many of the major label bands back in the day skirted controversy by applying tongue in cheek lyrical double entendres and still get retail distribution.   Oddly enough the song the band choose to put on KILLECTION,  ‘Like A Bee To The Honey’ was one of the weaker ones in my estimation.

The bouncy, keyboard, pop infused melodies are not strangers to Lordi.  If you listen to any of the ‘real’ Lordi albums many of the songs are as catchy as hell.  Buried not too deep under the costumes of Lordi is one hell of a melodic Metal band.  If Cher had written and recorded the lead-off track ‘Borderline’ back in 1990 it would have been a multi-platinum smash.

The musical evolution from the mid -80’s Metal of ABUSEMENT PARK to the late 80’s stylings of HUMANIMAL is the smallest leap, sonically and spiritually. That puts these albums nearly tied due the best of LORDIVERSITY.

Line up: 

Mr. Lordi-Vocals





Track Listing:

1. SCG Minus 3: Scarctic Circle Telethon
2. Borderline
3. Victims Of The Romance
4. Heart Of A Lion
5. The Bullet Bites Back
6. Be My Maniac
7. Rucking Up The Party
8. Girl In A Suitcase
9. Supernatural
10. Like A Bee To The Honey
11. Humanimal