Kolossus – K

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Reviewed: December 2021
Released: 2021, My Kingdom Music
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Kira Levine

Italian atmospheric black metal project Kolossus is the brainchild of Helliminator, founded in 2014. K is the multi-instrumentalist’s second full-length under this moniker, having released The Line Of The Border just last year. The latest album’s cover photo was captured by Giancarlo Gelormini of Bylec Tum Productions.

The transition between instrumental “Dust” and second track “By The Light, To The Dark” is quite abrupt and unexpected. The contrasting vocals on the first song with lyrics do evoke what its title describes.

“Heartless Horned Kings“ is another surprise, however the spoken word part does add a certain charm to it. Something Helliminator does well is create a sense of atmosphere, which really comes through with the use of a wind instrument here.

Slightly less atmospheric, “The Last of The Titans” opts for a full-on black metal assault for much of its five minutes. “Throne of Woods And Fire” has a feel of Vreid, with its melodic riffs and especially when the layered vocals can be heard.

Bringing some humanity to the track “Outsider”, the clean singing counters the harsher elements effectively, as does the almost-acoustic section. “T.A.A.” follows swiftly after, a slightly heavier response to its predecessor.

Closer “The Mouth” is 8 and a half minutes of galloping riffs, choir-like vocals vs. uncleans, and several other features heard earlier on K, resulting in a rollercoaster of emotions being conveyed.

Kolossus’ sophomore album is one of those releases that improves after each song, which is better than the opposite. Helliminator and co. do take inspiration from several Norwegian bands, this is particularly evident through the various vocal styles employed on the record. This sometimes gets quite overindulgent and repetitious, at times overshadowing the admirable musicianship displayed. “Dust” also seems too separate from the seven songs that follow it, and K is most exciting about halfway through, which is a shame, really.

Musically, tracks such as “Heartless Horned Kings” and “Outsider” are highlights for their progressive approaches, veering away from the safer trappings of traditional black metal to incorporate other styles. K builds on the world that the debut album introduced, providing a relatively cohesive listening experience this time around.

For fans of Enslaved, Mayhem, Satyricon and Taake.


Band line-up:

Helliminator – guitars, bass and clean vocals

Guest musicians:

Albrecht – harsh vocals
Daisy – guitar solo on “T.A.A.”
Tomas Myklebust – drums


1. Dust
2. By The Light, To The Dark
3. Heartless Horned Kings
4. The Last of The Titans
5. Throne of Woods And Fire
6. Outsider
7. T.A.A.
8. The Mouth



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