Solacide – Fall From Eternity

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Reviewed: December 2021
Released: 2021, Saturnal Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Kira Levine

Finnish black metallers Solacide, (formerly known as Dim Moonlight) have returned with their second album, Fall From Eternity. Active since 2004, this is their first release in five years. It comes after their debut The Finish Line, with two EPs and a demo before it.

Title track “Fall From Eternity” gives the record a dramatic and moody start, with the drum hammering every syllable the vocalist utters into the minds of listeners. The gripping number, worthy of sharing its name with this release, is just as menacing in its calmer moments. With lines like “Did you wait for the new dawn to rise, just to witness the replay of your demise?”, along with ominous buzzing riffs, Solacide create an unmistakably threatening aura.

“Forsaken By Gods” flawlessly transitions into instrumental “Oblivion”, a beautiful three-minute piece which somehow does not feel out of place after the unbridled rage before it. There is a sense of folklore that comes from this song, and it tells a fantastical story despite being wordless.

Flirting with lighter and darker sounds, “Far Beyond Reality” results in an intriguing chapter that expands on track three. It is also armed with vocals, which gives this song a power that is more brutal than whimsical.

By the time “The Coldest Night” arrives, the guitars are working in tandem with the vocal delivery, heightening the sense of aggression they both carry. Acoustic “Spirit Hibernation” follows, much like “Oblivion”, providing the calm before the storm.

Atmospheric, relentless, and sublime, the bass work on finale “Away From Light” ensures that what it lacks in speed is made up for through sounding like it could weigh ten tonnes. It also incorporates melodic singing, a vocal style previously heard in “Forsaken By Gods”, the chorus sung in the unison by the two vocalists reaching a new level of epic here (as it is housed in a 10-minute finale).

Sitting just shy of 40 minutes, Fall From Eternity will leave listeners wanting more, and the guys capture varying moods with their skilled songwriting. If you enjoy the likes of Ajattara, Skogen, and Winterfylleth, you will not want to skip this album.


Band line-up:

Iiro Juntunen – vocals
Kimmo Korhonen – guitars, keyboards, backing vocals
Henri Sinokki – bass, keyboards
Matti Jauhola – drums


1. Fall From Eternity
2. Forsaken By Gods
3. Oblivion
4. Far Beyond Reality
5. The Coldest Night
6. Spirit Hibernation
7. Away From Light



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