THRASH LA REINE French Canadian Folklore Album “Notre-Dame-de-l’Enfer”

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Montreal’s Thrash La Reine has a new album “Notre-Dame-de-l’Enfer” out now as of October 29th via Bam&Co. Heavy. The full-length is the third release from the band following “La Foi, La Loi, La Croix” (2019) and “Le Métal Est Notre Langue” (2018). The concept album, produced by producer Francis Perron (Voivod – The Wake), is Thrash La Reine‘s metal opera about French Canadian folklores presented over thirteen heavy metal bangers, 9 full songs, and 4 instrumental interludes. Overall, the album will connect with many Francophone fans, but the band’s goal is to also expose French Canadian culture to more metalheads around the globe no matter their language.

“Metal is universal, no matter what language it is vocally and lyrically presented in. On ‘Notre-Dame-de-l’Enfer’, these French Canadian folk tales are all about ghosts, witches, sins, and the devil himself! It fits really well with the metal imagery! The album touches on a lot of different styles: fast, slow, sad, happy songs with either coarse or clean vocals. We also incorporated some traditional instruments on this album with the use of mandolin, acoustic guitar, strings, accordion, and cowbell along with singing and harmonies that are reminiscent of traditional chants.”

Thrash La Reine is recommended for fans of Alestorm, Powerwolf, and King Diamond.

The album can now be streamed and downloaded on the following platforms: Thrashlareine.bandcamp.comSpotifyApple Music.

Music Video – Au Chant de L’Alouette 

Lyric Video – La Cage de Fer

Track Listing:
1. La Plainte de l’Alouette (0:36)
2. L’Étranger (4:32)
3. La Chasse-Galerie (4:29)
4. Le Rigodon de l’Enfer (0:25)
5. Au Chant de l’Alouette (3:00)
6. Wendigo (3:36)
7. La Cage de Fer (4:02)
8. Une Heure Avant l’Aube (1:06)
9. Operation Neptune (3:25)
10. Les Trois Diables (4:42)
11. Le Diable En Personne (0:33)
12. Le Fantome de l’Avare (4:35)
13. Legende d’Antan (7:27)
Album Length: 42:34

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