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For fans of Scar Symmetry, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Soilwork, Septicflesh, Divine Disorder

The Design Abstract“Many people had many positive things to say about Technotheism upon its release, and we feel that Metemtechnosis is a worthy successor to it. Compositionally, we have refined many elements and parts of the processes, and from a technical standpoint, we have really stepped up a lot. Those who wanted to hear more of the killer guitar work will assuredly not be disappointed. Metemtechnosis also carries on the story of Technotheism in part two of what will be a trilogy. Everything that was present in Technotheism has been brought back in more compelling ways, and the performances are more on-point than ever before. 

Metemtechnosis is a sci-fi melodic death metal album that uses orchestral and electronic elements to tell the story of humanity being reborn as a creation of hyper-intelligent technology. Themes that deconstruct the ideas of technology, humanity, and utopia are explored to the sound of huge, riffy, and comprehensive songs.” – Voiicide – The Design Abstract

Album Title: Metemtechnosis
Release Date: October 29, 2021
Label: Abstrakted Records | Youtube | | Spotify | Apple Music

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