Steel Rhino – Steel Rhino

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STEEL RHINOReviewed: November 2021
Released: 2021, GMR Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Andrea Di Stasio

Steel Rhino promises attitude, heavy grooves and insane vocals and that’s exactly what you can expect from this first self-titled full-length work. The eleven songs flow really well, tastefully composed and yet in line with the “badass attitude” required by the genre.

If I have to be honest I wasn’t particularly impressed by the name of the band, but I would say that it is probably the only downside of this project. However, it works and it makes sense, so let’s focus on the music.

Steel Rhino is one of those bands that will keep heavy metal alive: the songs are powerful, hooky, almost anthems for our counterculture.
Combining influence from both American and European hard rock and metal bands, these musicians keep the listener constantly entertained.

Herbie Langhans’ vocals are more than impressive: the extensive range is fantastic and is not limited to those high-pitch notes very common in the genre (yet not always well executed by many). Langhan’s masters those and also some deep lower ones in “Bells of Midnight”

The songs are consistent, yet varied, and this is one of the main reasons why I really enjoyed this album. The instrumental parts can be fast and yet tasteful, they never appear so for the sake of being “metal”. “Boom Boom”, the first single, is a great song that offers a taste of “Steel Rhino”: the strong chorus, the guitars and the attitude hit you straight away. I really enjoyed “Fire and Ice” as well as “Rhino Attack”. “Bells of Midnight” was an absolute surprise and I hope that in the next album I will see more of those low vocals.

Steel Rhino is a good album, thoroughly enjoyable and fun. I wish the band all the best and I hope to see them soon on stage!




1. Rhino Attack
2. Arrival
3. Lovin Easy
4. Steel Rhino
5. Bells of Midnight
6. Fire and Ice
7. Ghost from the Past
8. Sands of Time
9. Life we Choose
10. Boom Boom
11. New Tomorrow

Band line-up:

Herbie Langhans – Vocals
Mikael Rosengren – Drums
Filip Vilhelmsson – Guitar/Bass

Band websites:

Official Website