Motörhead – No Sleep ’til Hammersmith (Vinyl)

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Motörhead – No Sleep ’til Hammersmith (Vinyl)
2021, BMG
Rating: 4.5
Reviewer: Celtic Bob

Motörhead’s infamous live album gets the deluxe treatment for its 40th Anniversary. A couple of Month’s back I reviewed the killer deluxe CD box, now it’s time to see how the triple vinyl version stacks up.

This set is housed in a hardback book style package. It contains a booklet and slots for the records in the back. High quality all around.

The first LP is the original album while records 2 & 3 are the Newcastle show. Beginning with the original that has been remastered from the original tapes according to the hype sticker. To these ears on my HiFi, it sounds fantastic. If you are expecting audiophile sound with perfect soundstage, openness, …etc then maybe, just maybe Motörhead isn’t the band for you. That does not mean that these albums sound like crap and have the life squashed out of the because they do not. Motörhead is a gritty, raw, aggressive, in your face, Rock ’n Roll band. This album sounds better than I remember my original sounding.

The Newcastle show is a real fun listen. The band were on fire that night and the energy of both the band and crowd was off the charts and the double LP lets it shine through in spades. This is a real live recording with no studio doctoring. The raw edge shines though which is part of the bands charm.

Going in you have a basic idea of what you are getting and this triple LP set delivers on all fronts. The packaging is second to none with its hardbound cover, heavy stock gloss paged book and heavyweight vinyl. It looks near perfect on the shelf next to the ’79 and ’80 sets. Too bad it wasn’t a 7 LP set with the other shows like the CD set, but that is a small complaint. A definite must own for all Motörheadbangers. This is THE definitive version of HAMMERSMITH. I look forward to an ’82 set in the new year.



Ian “Lemmy” Kilmister – lead vocals, bass
“Fast” Eddie Clarke – guitar, backing vocals
Phil “Philthy Animal” Taylor – drums