A Metal-Rules.com Premiere: Atlantic Canada’s BONE TOWER Present Abusive and Abrasive “Under A Veil” Off ‘We All Will Die One Day’

Bone Tower: L-R - Bone Tower - Sean Carroll (guitars, bass), Jonas DeViller (electronics, vocals), Michael Bowers (guitars, bass, vocals). Photo Credit: Hayley Frail
Bone Tower: L-R - Bone Tower - Sean Carroll (guitars, bass), Jonas DeViller (electronics, vocals), Michael Bowers (guitars, bass, vocals). Photo Credit: Hayley Frail
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We All Will Die One Day” Out November 5th via No Funeral Records & Fresh Outbreak Records

Canada’s Bone Tower is a fresh band, birthed this year in February, and they came together with one aim, to put the emotions from the surging global crisis into a tight, aggressive EP. The second single is “Under A Veil”, which is the angriest track on the EP. The band explains it in further detail:

This song is pissed. There is more than one meaning, but it’s really written about the perception that you are always in the wrong, that who you are is a made-up persona, you aren’t good enough, and you should be exiled from everything positive in your life. This feeling couldn’t be further from the truth, and it is simply anxiety creeping in to say hello; A flurry of notes and blast beats being thrown at you really like to drive that idea deep into your head, though. Cower away under a veil of delusion.”

According to them, if this record doesn’t disorient you, stress you out, or give you a headache then they fucked up. The eight tracks span just over nine minutes but each one is full of chaos that pummels the listener straight away. There is no filler, no breaks, just a relentless barrage of blast beats, coarse vocals, and punishing riffs. It’s what whiplash sounds like.

This is the first project where Jonas DeViller (vocals/electronics/lyrics) writes lyrics and he says that the lyrics are mostly inspired by the irrational, negative thoughts that tend to get stuck in the back of his mind, disregarding what reality really looks like. He tried to be blunt and straight-to-the-point while presenting multiple meanings and several different ways of interpretation.

This is just the beginning for Bone Tower as they already are working on a follow-up record. Loud and noisy, they are recommended for fans of Pig Destroyer, Cryptopsy, and Atka.

Under A Veil” can be heard via its premiere below.

The EP “We All Will Die One Day” will drop on November 5, 2021 via No Funeral Records & Fresh Outbreak Records.

EP pre-order – bonetower.bandcamp.com

Lyric Video “Mangled Wounds” – youtu.be/5oGUNz8srqE

Track Listing:
1. Dislodging Splinters (01:13)
2. Am I Conscious (01:16)
3. Mangled Wounds (01:15)
4. Cower Away (0:38)
5. Under A Veil (01:06)
6. Empty Cave (01:59)
7. The Sun (0:48)
8. We All Will Die One Day (0:50)
EP Length (9:09)

For more info:

Bone Tower got its start early in 2021, with the sole purpose of channeling built-up negative energy and creating a hectic, pissed-off sounding record. Hailing from Atlantic Canada they got straight to the point through pummeling angry death metal.

Bone Tower is the musical equivalent of the chaos ensuing globally since last year. An angry jab back at the universe for anyone who was angry and watched the world unfold with racial upheaval, conservatives and conspiracists coming out of the woodwork against Covid, economic regression with millions losing jobs, the entire world changing beneath our feet, and for the politicians who claimed to be on our side but continue to fight against the truth.

The trio of Jonas DeViller (vocals/electronics/lyrics), Sean Carroll (guitar/bass), and Michael Bowers (guitar/bass/vocals) is a seasoned one at that and they were able to quickly write and produce their debut EP ‘We All Will Die One Day’ in two weeks. It came together as a whole very quickly and organically.

This is just the start for Bone Tower, they already have a follow-up record in the works. As of now, they are mostly a recording project but they intend on eventually playing shows. When they do finally play live, it’s bound to be just as fucked up as the recording.

EP ‘We All Will Die One Day’ is due out November 5, 2021.

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