Get Your Halloween Treat! Free Download of Venom Cover “Countess Bathory” From Newfoundland Black Metal Duo ARTACH

Artach - Countess Bathory (venom)
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New Album “Sworn to Avenge” Out Now! via Depressive Illusions Records

It’s become a Halloween tradition for St. John’s, Newfoundland duo Artach to treat their fans and friends with some sweet candied black metal. This year, the band has reached way back in time to 1982 to revisit the classic song “Countess Bathory” by Venom, a band that has had an immense impact on them and upon black metal.

“Hell, they coined the phrase “Black Metal” with their album of the same name, so we felt it was a great choice to select “Countess Bathory” for Halloween as it’s about the Hungarian noblewoman Countess Elizabeth Báthory who murdered countless young women between 1590 – 1610. We added our own minor touches to the song and added a part for Lilita Arndt of Ieschure who is the Countess in our version of the song. We hope you enjoy it, Happy Halloween!” explains the band.

Artach is offering up a free download via of their Venom cover for “Countess Bathory” featuring guest vocals by Lilita Arndt of Ieschure.

Artach has also issued a visualizer video by Randall Hammer, which can be viewed and heard here:

Artach are:
Fíochmhar: Drums/Vocals
Sruthán: Guitar/Bass

Canada, St. John’s, Newfoundland’s black metal duo Artach unleashed their latest album “Sworn to Avenge” this past June via Depressive Illusions Records.

“Sworn to Avenge” is the second album from Artach, following up 2020’s “Chronicles of a Black Winter”. Fans can expect more of the same compared to the first, but it pushes the envelope a little bit. Artach embraces evolution and aspire to play tighter, and have a more professional sound, but never sound overly polished.

Artach’s process is a collaborative one between the duo, the genesis of the songs are arranged on guitar by Sruthán and very roughly recorded at home. After getting together, they record drums and flesh out the song in an afternoon and by then the song is pretty much ready for the studio recording of guitars, then bass, and lastly vocals.

Artach is recommended listening for anyone interested in raw black metal and those with an interest in Celtic Frost, Darkthrone, and Satyricon.

“Sworn to Avenge” is available via Depressive Illusions Records at the following links:,, Amazon, Spotify.

Music Videos:
Shimmer –
Into the Frozen Woodlands –
She Gathers Leaves –
Tuiteam an Duine –

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