The Sixpounder: Butchers of conscience

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A man is the filthiest, most disgusting and cruelest creature to walk this planet.

He is an anomaly, a virus, a mistake, a plague. Today’s society is characterized by meanness, selfishness, brutality and lack of empathy, which does not deserve the survival of the species. A new definition of the creature called homo sapiens.

The single “BUTCHERS” by The Sixpounder is not a straight statement of the above epithets, defining who we are today. – We don’t help, we turn our heads to the other side, we pretend that problems don’t exist, we just sweep them under the carpet. We cover mass graves with a colorful bow and call it a necessity,” says Filip Salapa.

“BUTCHERS” is the second single from the upcoming album “Killer King”. Since the release of “True To Yourself” (the third album) some time has passed. “The sound we achieved then was cool and raw. We strive for a natural sound that felt like the band was standing and playing in front of the listener. Our latest productions, on the other hand, most closely reflect the character I would like the band to follow. I am very proud of the final effect we achieved”. – says Paweł Ostrowski


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