A Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner’s Life….and DEATH 20 Years Later

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From the coordinators of “A Tribute to Chuck Schuldiner’s Life”

Tickets on sale HERE

Dec 11-12, 2021 The Brass Mug, Tampa Bay, FL

To Death fans Worldwide,

We wanted to take some time to really explain the experience we are putting together for you.

We are lifelong fans. We understand the feat that we have taken on. This task is not taken lightly, and we take this responsibility very seriously.

For these two nights the Brass Mug will be transformed into a special place to honor Chuck, a man we all hold dear in our hearts.

To begin with, we are upgrading the sound system and the lighting system for this event. This music deserves the best audio treatment! The visual experience is of the utmost priority as well. But the lights are just the beginning. The show will also feature the original backdrop from the Spiritual Healing tour!

In addition, we are creating a special exhibit featuring some of the most historical artifacts in Death Metal.

In a gracious act of support, Chuck’s family has allowed us to display the one and only BLACK STEALTH!!! We will also have a very rare and unique guitar, shaped, designed and made for Chuck, the “Prophecy” by Axtra. It is believed that this is the only one ever made – used on stage and NOT a BC Rich!!!

The display of handwritten lyrics will be astounding. The crown jewel being the last lyrics written to an album that will never be made. Control Denied – When Man and Machine Collide. With that will be the only known existing lyrics to Leprosy and the full lyrics to Individual Thought Patterns and Symbolic.

Many more items, including vinyl test pressings, promo photo shots, flyers and more will be available for your viewing. At the end of this exhibit will be a guest book where you can write a personal message on what Chuck meant to you. This will be presented to the family after the shows.

I hope this explains what we have in store for you.

Next up, the Symbolic line up announcement! Stay tuned, it won’t disappoint!!!

Ticket link in the comments. Hope to see you there and LET THE METAL FLOW!!!!!

Steve, Leo, and Doro