Warfare-The Songbook Of Filth

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Reviewed: October, 2021
Released: 2021, Cherry Red/ HNE
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Cherry Red/Hear No Evil Records have been specializing in reissues for quite some time. Some are better than others, dependent largely on the amount of new or unreleased material available in the reissue.

The new Warfare compilation THE SONG BOOK OF FILTH is top-notch for many reasons.  Not only is there quite a bit of rare and unreleased material but perhaps more importantly perhaps is this had the full co-cooperation and participation of Warfare mainman, Evo.

This 3 CD set comes is a double digipak and a 16-page, full colour booklet. It has a really nice design and layout with lots of photos, liner notes and an introductory comment by Evo.

The main highlight is that Evo has done the liner notes. Song by song he goes through them all; telling stories and providing lots of trivia and anecdotes.  There are over 30 songs; rare, unreleased, cover tunes, demos, remixes, soundtrack stuff and even some songs from his  former bands.  This is far more of a magnificent career retrospective than a mere cash grab ‘Best Of’.

Diehard fans and collectors of Warfare might be hesitant to buy yet another Warfare compilation. There are after all at least six other pre-existing Warfare compilations on the market. I own a couple of them myself.  In fact, (as a side note) Warfare, more than most bands, have made a career out of reissuing and repackaging a relatively small pool of source material.  Let’s face it, Warfare had five studio albums from 1984-1990 and they were all short. METAL ANARCHY was only 33 minutes long, shorter than REIGN IN BLOOD!  So for Warfare to even have six or seven compilations and re-recordings seems unnecessary.

That’s why I was so pleasantly surprised and pleased with THE SONGBOOK OF FILTH. If you are like me and hesitant to get yet another Warfare release,  hesitate no longer, this is totally worth it.   These hidden gems of NWOBHM gutter punk, Motorhead infused, Venom inspired raw Metal are superb. If you are new to Warfare , this is a great place to start as well!

Track Listing:


1 Black
2 Let The Show Go On
3 Burn Down The Kings Road
4 Cemetery Dirt
5 Metal Anarchy (Metal City Movie Version)
6 Death By A Thousand Cuts
7 Murder On Melrose
8 Misanthropy
9 Addicted To Drugs
10 Sick Boy
11 Death Charge
12 Solitaire Dementia


1 New Age Of Total Warfare (Live)
2 Rabid Metal (Live)
3 Metal Anarchy (Live)
4 Burning Up
5 Ebony Dreams
6 Atomic Slut
7 Hungry Dogs (Live)
8 Rape
9 This Machine Kills
10 Baron Frankenstein
11 A Velvet Rhapsody
12 Strangled
13 Fight to Win (Live) by Major Accident
14 Degenerate (Rehearsal) by The Blood
15 2 Million Voices (Live) by Angelic Upstarts


Bonus EP
1 Misanthropy (Sonic Attack Mix)
2 Noise, Filth And Fury
3 Burnt Out
4 Military Shadow