Ravenous – Hubris

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Ravenous-Hubris 2021Reviewed: September, 2021
Released: 2021, Feast Beast Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Ravenous is a band from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It was born in 2016 and debuted a year later with the EP entitled ETERNAL HUNGER, an embryo that went unnoticed by many. It wasn’t until his first full-length album, EAT THE FALLEN (2019), that we finally got to hear what is undoubtedly the new gem in the Canadian power metal scene. His combative sound was a surprise to everyone. It was like listening to Powerwolf, but with much more energy and without losing the melodic ingredient that characterizes the genre.

On September 22, the band released HUBRIS (2021), their second album and we can classify it as one of the album candidates of the year. There’s no more. The sound they have achieved brings together the best of their previous work, but with a dose of power that makes it a huge step forward. One of the main characteristics of Ravenous, in addition to its enormous compositional power, is the voice of Robert Antonius Voltaire, as he does not fall into the hackneyed hyperacute falsetto. His timbre is very reminiscent of Wuthering Heights vocalist Nils Patrik Johansson. We can even put it next to Attila Dorn himself, today so famous with Powerwolf.

Another quality worthy of applause is the rising power of his songs. Just when you think the composition has reached a peak, the piece surprises you with a new melodic passage that elevates it even more. Examples abound in this album, but “Astral Elixir” is worth highlighting. That is the biggest constant in HUBRIS. The album does not give a simple rest. All the songs shine with the same intensity, both technical and compositional, that make Ravenous a band of enormous quality.

Unlike their debut album, which was recorded by the same band and mastered in a studio in their native Calgary, Alberta, now the band was fortunate to have the services of Fredrik Nordström, a producer who has carved out the sound of great bands of melodic Death such as Arch Enemy, At the Gates, Dark Tranquility and Nightrage. His contribution to the album is excellent, because, thanks to Nordström, HUBRIS has the forcefulness and power that elevates Ravenous’s power metal by far.

Just as in 2009 we were talking about an unknown rising band called Powerwolf, today we are talking about Ravenous, a powerful group that with HUBRIS will be taking a huge leap in quality.



  1. Carnage in Carthage

  2. Astral Elixir

  3. Son of Storms

  4. Die 1000 Deaths

  5. Bridgeburner

  6. The Alder Queen

  7. March of Hunger

  8. Claw is the Law

  9. Onwards & Upwards

  10. …Of Beasts and Faust


Ravenous-Band LineupLineup
Valax – Bass
Jake Wright – Guitars
R. A. Voltaire – Vocals
Dave Crnković – Drums

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