Feed The Corpses To The Pigs – This Insidious Horror

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Reviewed: [October 2021]
Released [2021 Horror Pain Gore Death Productions]
Rating [4/5]
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Have to admit I was caught a little off guard by these guys. With a name like Feed The Corpses To The Pigs (or FTCTTP) – and nicknames like “Murder Pig” and “Torture Pig” – I was figuring them to be just another lewd, rude and crude chug-and-puke brutal death/slam metal band a la Vulvectomy, Kraanium, Waking the Cadaver, ad nauseum. But turns out they are a bit shrewder, craftier and a whole lot less crass.

That’s not to say the New Mexico quartet aren’t sick and/or brutal. These “four little pigs” – “Slaughter Pig” and “Death Pig” round out the lineup – deliver heaping helpings of both on their debut full-length, which boasts tracks like “Jesus is My Respirator,” “This Fucking Horror” and “The Ocean Sings of Horror.” But theirs is also an unexpectedly heady stew, blending death metal, grindcore, hardcore and bits of black metal and tech-death with lyrics that run the gamut from spot-on scorn – like the Covid-denier skewering “Jesus Is My Respirator” – and snarky black humor to some of the splatter you might expect.

Echoing at various times The Black Dahlia Murder, Cannibal Corpse, Napalm Death and Exhumed – to name a few – FTCTTP mix and match with aplomb here. By adding bluesy, finger-walky guitar flourishes to the morose grind of “Drink Myself To Death,” contrasting punk rock-style choruses with widdly-widdly leads on “Jesus is My Respirator” and delivering beefy thrash hooks amid the caustic vocals and hardcore bluster of “Flashpoint’s” rich-guy haterade, there’s a twist to just about every song.

Ex-Death/Massacre guitarist Rick Rozz provides a guest solo on “Ghost Of Winter” for some old-school bona fides, but FTCTTP don’t really need a lot of help on This Insidious Horror. The band defy expectations by not going the cheap and obvious route and instead throw one curve ball after another, yet still manage to sound focused – not to mention gritty, intense and smart.

In that way, they share many traits, including a porcine bent, with Pig Destroyer – although their overall sonic palettes are vastly different. Still, that is certainly not bad company to keep.



Track List
1. Separate
2. Ghost of Winter
3. Jesus is my Respirator
4. The Death of Expertise
5. Trapped Spirit
6. I Drink Myself to Death
7. The Ocean Sings of Murder
8. Out of Sync
9. Flashpoint
10. This Fucking Horror

Shawn “Death Pig” Fink – vocals, guitar
Bill “Slaughter Pig” Dierker – lead guitar
Lucas “Torture Pig” Boron – bass, backing vocals
Eli “Murder Pig” Perea – drums