Duckwalk Chalk – Fired Up

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Reviewed: October, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Erich

Duck and carThere is no arguing that the band name is not the one that I would have picked. I cannot help but imagine one of the members having the same look Jason Bonham had in VH1’s Supergroup show when he thought the band had been named Fist. Bad name aside, FIRED UP is the fourth full length album for Norway’s Duckwalk Chuck. Considering the relatively small population of the country (one that I have visited and love), the Norway music scene continues to produce a dizzying array of diverse bands and music styles.

FIRED UP is basic, rhythmic hard rock consisting of elements of AC/DC, Motorhead, and the more modern Airbourne. Album opener “All Fired Up” is an infectious foot stomper, one of those rare tunes that you reserve specifically for the car, with the open road ahead and the windows down. Indeed, that is how you could characterize most of this album with driving riffs often dipped in sleaze and punk. “It’s Only Rock N Roll” shows love for Nashville Pussy enthusiastically delivered in Arvid Thorsen’s gritty and sweaty pub vocals. The opening riff of “Shut Your Light” recalls the Crue’s “Live Wire” and is the type of opening to get the party started.

Progressing through the album what you get is a tight rhythm section that plows through tune after beer swilling tune. The band is at their best when they keep things grooving and moving, while slower songs such as “Rosie’s” and “I Am the Devil” fail to inspire, with half-hearted riffs and bastardized blues. Wisely, these guys understand that a winning formula for this style is hit and run, so even with eleven songs the band is done and on to the next pub in forty minutes.

FIRED UP is a fun album that is easy to assimilate without being formulaic or another carbon copy AC/DC band. The songs are well-crafted and, in your face, requiring just a little of your attention to sink their claws into your brain. The mix sounds good too, capturing that sleazy punk feel that these songs exude. Admittedly far from world changing, you need only accept the premise laid out on the opening song to let FIRED UP make your world a little better for the next forty minutes.


BandTrack Listing:

01. All Fired Up
02. It’s Only Rock’N’Roll
03. Motor Madness
04. Ghost Town
05. Rosie’s
06. Reckless Driver
07. Shut Your Lights
08. I’m The Devil
09. Criminal Man
10. World On Fire
Bonus Track:
11. Thirsty Dog


Arvid Thorsen – Lead vocals, bass
Arild Rettore – Lead guitar, backing vocals
Håkon Heland Rønneberg – Rhythm guitar, backing vocals
Tord Eiken – Drums, backing vocals