Blazon Stone-Damnation

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Reviewed: October, 2021
Released: 2021, Stormspell
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: JP

Blazon Stone returns for it’s sixth full-length adventure, DAMNATION.  Captain Ced has almost an entirely new crew since his last campaign.  Guitarist Emil is still by his side, but we have added three new crew members, the high profile Metal/pirate queen Marta from Crystal Viper provides bass duties and Karl Lofgren pounds the skins.    Fronting the band is Rock ‘n’ Rolf sound alike, Matias.  It is uncanny how awesome he is.  For a band that has had so many singers; four in six albums  (Erik N, George, Erik F., and now  Matias Palm from Finland) it is amazing how many of them can sing like that.

Blazon Stone unified and still flies her Jolly Roger under the Stormspell banner and if you look closely we see quite an interesting album cover loaded with symbolism, maybe alluding to the end of the golden age of piracy.

Writing a Blazon Stone review (this is my fourth) is quite easy because the band does not change and I don’t want them too.  We get another 10 battle-hymns that race across the sea in 44 minutes.    No ballads, no experimentation, no frills, no fluff, they just are running wild like Running Wild did when they ruled the oceans from the year of our lord 1985-2000.   They fire volley after volley of short raging fast songs with huge gang vocals, flawless guitar tone, punchy drums. Shivers went down me timbers when the crew roar out the gang lyrics of ‘DEATH OR GLORY! MARCH ON!  on the cut ‘Hell On Earth’.  So fine.  The cap it off with a 10+ minute long (if you include the bag-pipe intro of ‘1671’ , epic tune called ‘Highland Outlaw’, a nod no doubt to Running Wild’s ‘song Highland Glory’ from the DEATH OR GLORY album back in 1989.

There is not much more to say.  Blazon Stone came to our shores, plundered our ears, kicked eternal ass and sailed off into the sunset until next time.  Long live!

Track Listing:

1. Damnation (Intro)
2. Endless Fire Of Hate
3. Raiders of Jolly Roger
4. Chainless Spirit
5. Black Sails on the Horizon
6. Wandering Souls
7. Hell on Earth
8. Bohemian Renegade
9. 1671
10. Highland Outlaw


Cederick Forsberg-Guitar, Vocals (backing)
Emil Westin Skogh-Guitar
Marta Gabriel-Bass, Vocals (backing)
Karl Löfgren-Drums
Matias Palm-Vocals