A Metal-Rules.com Premiere: Trumbiten “Break Out”

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Hailing from the City of Luleå in Northern Sweden, Out is the new EP from the dynamic metal act TRUMBITEN. Established in 2018, TRUMBITEN initially began producing instrumental metal covers before moving onto writing original material. Drawing influences from classic heavy rock and traditional metal, TRUMBITEN’s music is fast paced, with high energy and epic guitar riffs.

“TRUMBITEN’s trajectory and penchant for collaboration and innovation means there will be no shortage of material as time goes on. Get ready to be taken by the new creative wave of heavy metal that is TRUMBITEN.”


TRUMBITENFollowing the positive response to their first original metal track “Fear Me”, which was released September 2020 in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, TRUMBITEN released their debut Emotions. TRUMBITEN channel the philosophy of cultivating a positive mindset, and the ecstatic feeling born from creating music with others. The new EP explores difficulties in life and feelings of being trapped in oneself, or in a bad company, or in difficult situations and a wish to get out and break free in order to find confidence and trust in oneself.

Out is a powerhouse of energy, heavy distortion, and soaring vocals. Beginning with the impactful opener “Break out”, recorded by the talented musician Adam, with lyrics by Tommy. The EP progressing on a meaningful journey to conclude with “Run”, Out is an emotive display of the human condition and how we overcome the dark aspects of life.

Tommy Arngren – songwriter, lyrics, drums, bass, keyboard
Adam Arngren – songwriter, guitar, bass
João Miguel – on guitars
Leonel Silva – lead vocalist and composer


open.spotify.com/artist/1Ywe7vHy7LcpmciF6ALREr?si=XPtImZr0Sc-K9ogsivI9ew www.youtube.com/channel/UCFBjXZc9N1tbq9zxKmwUxWA

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