INTO ETERNITY Gearing Up To Re-Record “A 15 Year-Old Classic From Our Catalogue” And New Material

Into Eternity 2021
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Vocalist Stu Block – who left Into Eternity in 2011 to join Iced Earth, and was replaced by Amanda Kiernan – recently announced his return to Into Eternity after performing live with the band at the Loud As Hell festival in Drumheller, Alberta on July 31st. The band has checked in with the following announcement:

“Attention Death Prog Squad! We will be hitting the studio soon with Stu doing a re-record of a 15 year old classic song from our catalog and recording two new tunes! We are very excited for you all to hear what we are up too!! Lots of news to come stay tuned!!”


On August 2nd, Stu Block posted the following message on social media:

“What an amazing time with Into Eternity at the Loud As Hell Fest!! I had such a killer time with my brothers Matt, Tim, Troy and Bryan and sister from another mister Amanda!! Soooooo I’m sure you are all speculating if I will be coming back to Into Eternity permanently and the answer is…………YES!!! I will be coming back sharing lead vocal duties with the amazing Amanda Kiernan! The insane talent that is in this band needs to be showcased to the world again through new recordings and some touring. We will be working hard on new music and refining the live show to perfection for you to enjoy. We have LOTS of exciting things coming within the next few months! We can’t wait!!!”


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