A Metal-Rules.com Premiere: ATTACK OF THE RISING “Live at X Music Studios LA” 2021

Attack Of The Rising
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It goes without saying, the COVID-19 Pandemic has sucked in many many ways. It has been a trying time for bands who mostly didn’t get to play live. One positive has been more live streams for fans who might not normally get to see these bands as they don’t live in an area where the band plays live. One such outcome is this live performance from the metal band ATTACK OF THE RISING.  The live content is interspersed with short interview segments.

The band asked us to premiere this for them and we were of course happy to share it with you.

Before we get to the video, we asked the band a few quick questions.

What was the drive and idea to make this video?

We had been discussing and looking into, either live streaming or putting together some content to take the place of live performances since Fall of last year (2020). Rob Hill (Producer) put forth the idea for us to do this live in the studio video (X-Music Studios). We are very pleased with the outcome and hope others enjoy the performances and interviews.

What has it been like being in the band during a pandemic?

As it has been for every artist, quite a challenging time. Looking at what one can do, what one should do and how to go about doing it. Can’t play live, so putting out some content, on whatever platforms available, is how everyone is staying active to whatever degree.

What the band is up to now that we are hopefully emerging from the pandemic?

Well, as we all thought things were looking up, we had plans in motion to go play out, tour, etc in support of the “Game Changer” album. Unfortunately, things are not going the direction we all hoped they would for everyone to be safe attending live events. We have a few shows on the books, but looking at 2022 to be the time frame when it is safe for all concerned, for us to go out and play live as much as possible.

We do have other “content” in the works. We will continue to put out videos, interviews, and live performances in the meantime.

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