Serbian Epic Metallers Claymorean Present The Premiere of Their New Video “We Fight Like Lions” recorded Live on July 31, 2021 At Epic Metal Night in Kragujevac, Serbia

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Claymorean present the premiere of their new live video for the song “We Fight Like Lions.” Guitarist and founder, Vladimir Garčević, gives us some background on the song…..

“The song is originally recorded on Claymorean’s “Unbroken” album (2015, Stormspell Records). It was the first album released under the name Claymorean (previously Claymore). The song lyrics are about the famous medieval battle of Angora, which held in 1402, between the forces of the Ottoman sultan Bayezid and Mongolian khan Tamerlane.

“Serbia was a vasal state of Ottomans at the time, and while the Ottomans lost this battle and sultan died soon after, Serbian cavalry knights, led by prince Stefan Lazarevic, broke the Mongolian lines, which made the khan Tamerlane impressed that he said, according to historians, these Serbs fight like Lions. Prince Stefan was a knight of the order of the Dragon, same as Vlad Tepes and the armors they wore were black

“This particular live video was filmed on July 31st 2021 in Serbian city of Kragujevac at Epic Metal Night. We played a full set show. The other band was Oathbringer.”

Claymorean is:

Vladimir Garčević – Guitars
Goran Garčević – Bass, Backing Vocals
Dejana Garčević – Vocals
Uroš Kovačević – Guitars (Lead)
Marko Novaković – Drums
Vladimir Novaković – Guitars

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