A Metal-Rules.com Premiere: Montreal’s CroMagnum Streaming Aggressively Melodic EP “Born Free”

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New EP “Born Free” Out Sept 17th, 2021 via King Metal Records

Born Free” is the second EP from CroMagnum, hailing from Montreal, Canada. Leading up to this release they have given us two singles that show two different angles of the band that has only been improving since their last album in 2014.

The five tracks on the EP take the listener on a range of musical journeys, from “End Your Slavery” encouraging you to get out of the doldrums and the despair of the prison you’ve let society put you in; to the true origin story as told in “Waterval Boven”; to the reflection of trust presented in “Congregation” with its fast and furious riffs that open up into an epic chorus. There is something for everyone on this release, as the creativity is endless, as shown in the music videos and the comic book. Maximus Rex explains his process in more detail:

I come up with the basic structure of a song, usually 2-3 riffs, and then we start building it up and jamming it, making decisions about song structure along the way. Once we have a solid base, we’ll work out finer details like solos and harmonies. During that whole process, I start getting ideas for lyrics and melodies, which usually coalesce right around when the music is done. Any subject can make for good lyrics, so I don’t ever judge a theme, because if it inspires you to write, I think it will at least come off as authentic, no matter what you’re talking about.”

CroMagnum - Borm Free

Fans who are left wanting more shouldn’t have to wait too long, CroMagnum was originally going to record a full album, but after a slight bit of turbulence among the ranks, it was decided to focus on fewer songs. The next EP, targeted for 2022, is pretty much completely written and waiting to be recorded.

Power, thunder, blood, sweat and tears, CroMagnum offers nothing less than in your face balls-out metal.

The full EP “Born Free” is out on September 17th, 2021 via the band’s own label King Metal Records and can be heard in full before its official release at the following stream below here on Metal-Rules.

Tunguska – youtu.be/e3hnTgjnmRQ
Born Free – youtu.be/FJVLL-D7LSE

In addition to the band’s upcoming EP, vocalist and guitarist Maximus Rex has written a comic book entitled “Bigg Baby: Tales From The Id” in support of the EP, which is available for order at the following link: www.facebook.com/ThisSearchForAUserNameIsInfuriating/

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