Triacanthos – Apotheosis

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Reviewed: 2021
Released: Purity Through Fire, 2021
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Svetlana Likhacheva

Triacanthos, the young black metal three-piece from Texas, are ready to show the world their striking debut record called Apotheosis. After many years of creative searching (the first roots of the band were founded back in 2013, when Lord Frost began to play together with Imazapyr, and even recorded an EP) the band obtained its current shape with Thornicator on bass and lead vocals, and was finally able to record their first full-length.

Apotheosis is positioned as a “melancholic and mighty record”, although, the vibe wasn’t really speaking to me. I found the opening track, Maledictio en Spinis Coepit, pretty dull in the aspect of instrumentals, but surprisingly good if speaking about vocal quality. The next one, Rite of Recalling, shows a little more diversity, and I enjoyed the guitar riff.

The title track has a major claim to create tension and uneasy atmosphere – almost successfully, especially because of the dramatic guitars and rhythmic drumming patterns. I would call it a nice gloomy song; nevertheless, it gives me the feeling that the band lacks some kind of new vision and doesn’t sound truly original.

Speaking of my personal favourites, I would name Rex Mundi and Lycanthropic Transmutation as such. The first one has a great guitar bridge before the chorus, and overall sounds pretty catchy. Speaking of Lycanthropic Transmutation, I would dare to call it the best song from the whole record – the one I could enjoy without disappointing thoughts. I must admit that after prior songs I was worried that the promising name would be the only really good thing about this track. Luckily, I was absolutely wrong – it absolutely matches the title. Tension, speed, level of drama, dark voice effects and rhythm transitions – everything is done just fine.

Overall, I would call Apotheosis a pretty good debut record. If Triacanthos would be able to develop more of their unique style and vision, they have every chance to become a promising metal band.



01. Maledictio en Spinis Coepit
02. Rite of Recalling
03. Apotheosis
04. Rex Mundi
05. Pagan North
06. Lycanthropic Transmutation
07. Procession of the Aeons
08. Thaumiel (Extinguishing the Holy Light)
09. Morningstar
10. Occulta de Tenebris Frigidus
11. Eternal Bliss… Eternal Death (Judas Iscariot cover)

Band line-up:

Lord Frost – Drums
Imazapyr – Guitars
Thornicator – Bass, vocals

Band Websites:

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