Tipton, Denton (Ed), Cradle Of Filth-Maledictus Athenaeum (Book review)

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Reviewed: September, 2021

Released: 2021, Incendium/Opus

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: JP

Incendium is a company that specializes in entertainment; books, games, comics, toys and all sorts of cool stuff.  Not so long ago they opened a sub-division called Opus which sub-specializes in music related cross-over material. Opus has been getting a bit of a buzz in the Metal community because they are doing Hard rock and Heavy Metal themed cross-over products.    This month I’ve decided to review two titles, one tied in with Cradle Of Filth and one tied-in with Joe Satriani.  Feel free to enjoy both of these reviews and watch for their newly announced Exodus comic in the fall of 2021.

Incendium makes a quality book with foil highlights, on nice high-quality paper.  Issue #1 is limited and numbered to 2500, although 2666 would have been better!  Cradle Of Filth’s first foray into comics is a 36-page book divided into two short stories loosely based on the bands lyrical concepts. I’m not sure how much input the band (ie, Mr. Filth) had but it seems to be right in line with the bands aesthetic.

As quick note: I’m not a regular consumer of comics but I will attempt to do some justice to credit the creative trams of each story based on simple on-line research.

The first story is about the mythological succubus character and was created by respected underground horror/fantasy writer Holly Interlandi. The art fell to Menton3 known for his work in the realms of Lovecraft, Dungeons & Dragons and the X-Files.   The story is simple, the content is mature and the story is dark as one might expect.

Kenny Porter, known for his work on some DC Horror crossovers involving Superman and Batman wrote the second story ‘Nemesis’.  Piotr Kowalsi does the art and his resume includes Robocop, Dark Tower, and Hulk among others.  The story is seemingly about a simple battle between two warriors but with a twist naturally.  While enjoyable, I felt the story lacked the dark, gothic appeal of the first story.

This series has pretty unlimited potential, seeing that the band is so creative and prolific, having just announced album #15, EXISTENCE IS FUTILE slated for October 2021.

I’ve always been intrigued to see how art inspires other artists in other fields and this is a prime example. MALEDICTUS ATHENAEUM has set the bar pretty high for the series and other creative teams who want to tackle the Cradle Of Filth canon and transcribe it into the comic medium.