Sober Truth – Laissezz Faire, Lucifer!

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sober truthReviewed: August, 2021
Released: 2021, ACFM Records
Rating: 3/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Sober Truth is a German band born in 2007. A year later, in 2008, they released their debut album: RIVEN (2010). In September 2021 the group will present its fifth work entitled: LAISSEZZ FAIRE, LUCIFER! (2021), through the ACFM Records label.

The album is a plethora of highly divergent elements that incredibly blend to perfection. His watchword is to make music that is impossible to pigeonhole and LAISSEZZ FAIRE, LUCIFER! get it without any problem.

If we had to choose a constant in the album and in the style of the band in general, it is that it is a band with a lot of groove, with captivating rhythms; but as the songs evolve we hear elements that take us by surprise. An example of this is the opening piece “Distinctive” in which it appears to be divided into two pieces due to the changes it presents.

Another interesting aspect is the voice, since it sounds with different nuances that go from the guttural to the clean voice, but never leaving the boundaries that can be heard within the groove.

The guitar work is excellent; It seems that we hear an orchestra of riffs and melodies. On the one hand, the same groove allows you to hear attractive and powerful riffs, but on top of all that they also add melodies, giving the pieces much more color and shine.

For all the above, we can say that we are facing a truly evolved state of experimentation. There is no way to catalog what this band has to offer, but there is a way to at least say that their music is perfectly accommodated.


sober truth bandLine Up:
Vocals / Guitar: Torsten Schramm
Leadguitar: Aaron Vogelsberg
Bass: Jules Rockwell
Drums: Paul Bendler

1. Début Diable (0:23)
2. Distinctive (05:36)
3. Dizygotic Twins (05:36)
4. Imperfection (03:21)
5. Entre les Chansons I (01:27)
6. DNA (05:55)
7. Planted Brains (07:35)
8. Rebirth (04:17)
9. Hope, Enjoy & Death (04:11)
10. Entre les Chansons II (01:03)
11. Limbus (06:03)
12. Taste Unplugged (05:15)

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