Saturnian Mist – Shamatanic

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Reviewed: September 2021
Released: 2021, Petrichor
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Demitri Levantis

Occult black metal might be a cliché for the Finnish scene, or indeed any scene in the black metal world, but when you get a band who have taken all the best elements of the most obscure and intriguing of the esoteric and put them to some of the best-crafted music imaginable, you’re giving that cliché a whole new meaning.

I am of course talking about Saturnian Mist and their third studio album, Shamatanic. Despite a somewhat cheesy title, these blokes from Tampere know what they’re doing by screaming headlong into a mike about conducting some of the most chaotic and complex rituals of the occult metal world. Black metal prides itself on its non-Abrahamic sentience and this is a band you must check out if you want deep and meaningful occultism in your metal and not just a band banging on about Satan for 25 minutes.

And it is not just the themes of the esoteric and the eclectic that these guys have down to a T – Saturnina Mist are musicians of such spectacular precision you would feel like you’re being catapulted into another dimension where your mind is tormented to the core and an ongoing hail of arrows is piercing your back until you can’t take it anymore. That is the heftiness of this band’s sound, and I think it deserves the highest praise anyone of the occult black metal world can give.

Shamatanic is a combination of satanism, chaos magick, shamanism, and most types of European and eastern occultist studies that will scare any Christian or Abrahamic practitioner away at the sheer sight or sound of this album. For those of you in metal who pride yourselves on the depth and meaning of your bands as well as their excellent talent at playing the best music imaginable, Saturnian Mist are compulsive listening. A brilliant discovery for me and I hope you feel the same too after reading this.



1. Ill-Mystic
2. Blood Magick
3. Chaos Is The Law
4. The Manifestation
5. Altar Of Flesh And Blood
6. The End Times
7. Arbatel Of Black Magick
8. Shamatanic

Band line-up:

fra. Zetekh – Vocals
fra. Vile – Drums
fra. Macabrum – Bass
fra. Kult – Percussion
fra. Ferreus – Guitars

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