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Remains Of Elysian TalesFromTheEarthReviewed: August, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Remains Of Elysian is an Argentine power metal project born in 2016. Although its members were able to create some songs during the last five years, it was not until mid-end of 2020 that two of its members were able to finish several songs and thus publish TALES FROM THE EARTH (2021), the debut album with which the band presents itself to the world.

It is incredible what this album allows us to listen to, especially if we take into account that we are facing a totally self-produced work, a true love letter to the genre, where the will of its members is perfectly reflected in each of their songs. The sound is very good, not to mention the excellent interpretation of Sebastián García as the singer.

The compositions capture the essence of the genre, but without using typical structures. Many choral voices are heard, which gives a lot of color to certain passages, as in “Time to Get Away”. Without needing to explode with enormous speed, the band has managed to deliver an amazing album thanks to its compositional quality.

TALES FROM THE EARTH is undoubtedly one of the most interesting albums that the Argentine scene has produced in recent years, not only because of the album’s conception, but also because of the enormous step forward that can be heard in the songs. They have an unusual and completely attractive style.

Considering the difficulties the band went through, TALES FROM THE EARTH is a true gem. Hopefully this album is not an isolated effort and we can continue listening to more Remains Of Elysian music, as the musicians have displayed enormous talent.


Remains Of Elysian lineupLINEUP

Sebastian Garcia – Vocals, Drums, Keys and Orchestral Arrangements.
Juan Manuel Agostino – Most Guitars and Basses

German Vazquez – Guitars on Tracks 2, 4, 5, & Solo on 9
Damian Battistini – Bass on tracks 4, 5 & 9

Guest: Guillermo De Medio – Piano, Keys and Arrangements on Track 10


1. The Sky Is Falling
2. Elysium
3. Time to Get Away
4. Moneymaker
5. Lost Paradise
6. Tomorrowland
7. Still in my dreams
8. Reverie
9. Mother Forgive Us
10. Home

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