Rage-Resurrection Day

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Reviewed: September, 2021

Released: 2021, SPV/Steamhammer

Rating: 4.5/5

Reviewer: JP

Rage has had pretty extensive coverage here over the years and it is always an exciting time for us when a new Rage album comes out.  Thankfully this happens quite often as one of the world’s most prolific Metal bands have just released their 26th album, RESURRECTION DAY.

The band is still on SPV/Steamhammer and in the 18 months since the last album WINGS OF RAGE the line-up has changed yet again.  Check out our interview with Peavy this month for more details on the line-up change but the band is back to a four piece again.


The new look and persona of the Soundchaser mascot, (now a partly mechanical winged beast) graces the cover.  The production like most Rage albums is very well done, the signature sound intact, if anything the guitars have a bit more bite.

What caught my ears immediately was the re-introduction of some symphonic and orchestral instruments.   Not as much as the Lingua Mortis eras but a few little flourishes here and there starting the with album intro ‘Memento Vitae (Overture)’. Then we are out of the gates at high speed with the title track, a ripper to be sure.  The songs seems to be a bit more hooky and catchier than the last couple.  The energy and intensity is maintained most of the way through the album right through the last track with the crushing ‘Extinction Overkill’.   The song ‘Travelling Through Time’  the only mid-tempo track with the orchestral elements coming to the fore, and the second last cut’ Black Room’, a beautiful song is the only thing close to a ballad.   Hints of acoustic guitar, often in the introduction segments, lighten the soundscape just a bit but then it is back to crushing power/thrash styled Metal.   So we get a compact under closing under an hour with an intro, ten fast songs , one medium song and one slow song. Rage hits that sweet spot that is hard to attain and they create a sound that is almost exclusively theirs’s alone; too heavy to be just Power Metal, too sophisticated and melodic to be straight up thrash.

Lyrically the album is thematic, Peavy talking about the state of the world.  Peavy has always been a socially aware lyric writer, not political, preachy or pointing fingers but approaching broad topics like greed in the track ‘Monetary Gods’ which also happens to be a single as well.  Peavy’s voice is still indestructible, singing in his mid to lower ranges and even a tiny hint of his Death vocal, but not as much as on the album 21 for example.

To my ears, this is the best Rage album since STRINGS TO A WEB back in 2010.  The twin guitar attack, the reintroduction of some symphonic elements and just better catchier song writing makes for another top-notch Rage album.


Peter Wagner-Vocals, Bass
Vassilios Maniatopoulos-Drums,
Jean Bormann-Guitar
Stefan Weber-Guitar

Track Listing: 

1. Memento Vitae (Overture)
2. Resurrection Day
3. Virginity
4. A New Land
5. Arrogance and Ignorance
6. Man in Chains
7. The Age of Reason
8. Monetary Gods
9. Mind Control
10. Traveling Through Time
11. Black Room
12. Extinction Overkill