Nahtram – Forest of Eternal Dawn

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Nahtram - Forest of Eternal DawnReviewed: June, 2021
Released: 2021, Independent
Rating: 4/5
Reviewer: Cristóbal Torres

Nahtram is the instrumental project of Lukas Grässlin, a musician in charge of composing, recording and mixing everything. In 2018 he released his debut album: AN OMINOUS JOURNEY, with a very positive response because without the need for a vocalist he is capable of creating extremely attractive sound experiences.

This time it is not the exception, FOREST OF ETERNAL DAWN is a natural continuation of the great debut presented three years ago, expanding even more the varied influences of this composer and combining them in a masterful way so that none is out of place.

One of the most prominent features in these compositions is the audio mixing. This is largely explained by the fact that Lukas himself is the one who composes and mixes, being perfectly aware of the moments when one instrument should sound more than another.

This intuitive mix allows you to appreciate with a lot of ease, but above all a lot of enjoyment, some technical details and composition, which makes the songs even easier to appreciate at the first listen.

Another outstanding aspect is the production, since it seems that we are listening to the soundtrack of a movie. The instruments are perfectly engraved; the sound of the guitars is lofty; Lukas managed to give his distortions a very accurate effect, making them shine in both riffs and melodies.

Technically the album lives up to what the mind of the composer mind is capable of thinking. The first song that he offered to the public was “Northern Winds” and it is thanks to the great melodic and technical passages that its more than seven minutes go by super fast.

FOREST OF ETERNAL DAWN is definitely an outstanding album. It shines on any edge: its genesis (it was made by only one musician), its production, composition and mixing. It is one of those many love letters to music that easily captivates anyone who listens to it.



Lukas Grässlin – Guitars, Bass, Orchestrations, Drum programming

1. Trails
2. A Murder of Crows
3. Blackflame
4. Reminiscence
5. Autumnal Traces
6. Northern Winds
7. Forest of Eternal Dawn




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