Lynch Mob-The Elektra Years 1990-1992.

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Reviewed: September, 2021

Released: 2021, Cherry Red / HNE

Rating: 3.5/5

Reviewer: JP

Too little, too late but so good.  Lynch Mob was one of those 90’s bands that got somewhat unfairly lumped in with the 80’s Hair Metal, Glam Metal, Melodic Hard Rock scene.   They released a pair of solid, if somewhat underwhelming, albums in the early 90’s.  Based on the strength of the first pair of studio albums (combined sales of about three-quarter of a million units) the band had some staying power putting out another six studio albums before George Lynch ended the band in 2020.  However success was a fraction of what it once was and it really was the first two albums, WICKED SENSATION in 1990 and LYNCH MOB in 1992 that most fans remember.

Accordingly Cherry Red / Hear No Evil, perhaps to commemorate the 30th anniversary and demise of the band, have reissued the first two albums in a nice set called THE ELEKTRA YEARS 1990-1992.

It is a nice digital with the WICKED SENSATION album art. There is a big booklet with photos, full credits and a long essay by Malcolm Dome that nicely encapsulates the bands brief flirtation with fame.

Despite being out-of-print for quite some years (24 years before being reissued by Rock Candy in 2014) it’s still pretty easy to find the debut.  The next self-titled album from ‘92 was reissued once in Japan back in ‘97 and never again. While not extremely rare it is nice to have the two arguably best Lynch Mob albums in one place.

There is not a ton of bonus material, the debut has a radio edit version of the title track and sophomore effort had two full songs, Japanese bonus tracks.  I had never heard these two mid-tempo rockers and was very pleased to hear and own them.

I know exactly why the band never broke through.  The second album had a boring album cover, smooth production with lots of horns, a new singer, too many mid-tempo songs and self-tilting your second album was a mistake.  Throw the onset of grunge in the mix and it is not at all surprising why it all ended prematurely.

I liked the band enough to follow them over the years but I all honesty most people I know are only familiar with the major label releases and now they are together in one tight little package.  Good times and good memories of a band that almost made it despite being really good, as I mentioned in the beginning, too little too late.

Track Listing:

Wicked Sensation (1990)

1. Wicked Sensation
2. River Of Love
3. Sweet Sister Mercy
4. All I Want
5. Hell Child
6. She’s Evil But She’s Mine
7. Dance Of The Dogs
8. Rain
9. No Bed Of Roses
10. Through These Eyes
11. For A Million Years
12. Street Fightin’ Man

Bonus track
13. Wicked Sensation (Edit)

Lynch Mob (1992)

1. Jungle Of Love
2. Tangled In The Web
3. No Good
4. Dream Until Tomorrow
5. Cold Is The Heart
6. Tie Your Mother Down
7. Heaven Is Waiting
8. I Want It
9. When Darkness Calls
10. The Secret

Bonus Tracks For Japan
11. Love Finds A Way
12. Love In Your Eyes